Verizon HTC One Update 1.10.605.10

Verizon Release a HTC One OTA Update to Software version 1.10.605.10

Verizon is now releasing its first OTA update for HTC One devices to software version 1.10.605.10. No, this is not awaited Android 4.3 yet. As of now, there is no Android 4.3 update for U.S. carrier HTC One phones. It said that it brings several features, including Device lock-ups reduction, a support for Internet accessibility for the visually impaired and an Update to ISIS Mobile Wallet that has been chosen by Verizon as a payment platform, according to Verizon’s official changelog.

The software build version 1.10.605.10 has just officially announced by Verizon, but there are no reports yet coming from HTC One owners receiving the said 1.10.605.10 update, and the roll out may start soon. Those who already received this update, just do share to us how this update performs on your HTC One phones.
Verizon HTC One Update 1.10.605.10

Source: Verizon via Android Police

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