Verizon Galaxy S4 Kies Update to VRUAME7 Rolls Out

Just right ahead after Sprint Galaxy S4 OTA released, Verizon has also started rolling it’s new OS update on Samsung Galaxy S4 to build version I545VRUAME7, this is an update from previous build VRUAMDK. Owners who have received this update has reported that it includes the ability to move apps to SD card for extra storage space. The Samsung Knox security patch that also the same features on international Galaxy S4 variants that might be a big concern to rooted users is also spotted. A changes in phone status that now displays a “Secure Boot Status Field” in addition to the SELinux Status field. So, for those who have a rooted device ┬ámay possibly think twice before accepting this update.
Verizon Galaxy S4 OTA Update I545VRUAME7

Right now, it is only available using Samsung Kies software update toolkit by connecting the Galaxy S4 through a desktop computer. The update file size is around 1.8GB to download and it will going to takes more than an hour to perform the update. There are no official changelog Verizon can offer for now and if this update could also be available via OTA (over-the-air). So just check it out, there might something more added features on this new build.

Thank’s to [shuddle13] and [KidJoe] for the screenshot.

source: XDA

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