Sprint Galaxy S3 4.3 L710VPUCMK3

Update Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Official 4.3 L710VPUCMK3 (Odin and OTA Stock Method)

Samsung has already rolled out the Official Android 4.3 update on Sprint Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710) and comes into software update build version L710VPUCMK3. According to the official changelog addressed by Sprint, that the 4.3 update includes the Galaxy Gear support.   For those who might been unable to get the 4.3 update due to some reasons if your device has been rooted, you can actually still update your device using the OTA update file through stock recovery and or the full stock firmware L710VPUCMK3 through Odin.

Sprint Galaxy S3 4.3 L710VPUCMK3

Important Notes:

This one goes out to those advance users who loves into tweaking and a biggest fan of ROMs (like me), custom recovery and root kernel that  hasn’t know about what’s on 4.3 yet.  The official 4.3 L710VPUCMK3 might also comes an  implementation of KNOX security suite. There is now a protected KNOX warranty void counter that can be found on download mode screen that says “KNOX Warranty Void: 0x0”.  Once on 4.3 you cannot install any unsigned system firmware files like custom recovery and root kernel without compromising this KNOX warranty void flag which goes from 0x0 to 0x1. You cannot also downgrade back to the lower or old software versions if you attempt to get rid of KNOX, you will definitely facing soft-brick issue.   So make sure to be aware with that since there is no means to reset your warranty status  back to normal state.

Disclaimer: This method are for advanced users only. You may proceed solely at your own risk!

Below are the two files which you can use if you want to restore back your Galaxy S3 to official 4.3 L710VPUCMK3 update.

OTA update file: http://android.clients.google.comUSER_L710_SPR_MD4_to_MK3_Update_FWD.zip
Odin stock: Look for 4.3 L710VPUCMK3

– Back-up all important data stored from your device, including phone contacts, photos, videos etc.
– Fully recharge your phone’s battery.
– Perform factory reset and or wipe data/dalvik cache for those running with custom recovery.

Flashing with OTA update zip file in recovery:
Your Galaxy S3 should be running with stock recovery or you must first return back your device to stock recovery and not with any custom recovery, grab the files and then copy it to the internal SD card and rename it something like “Update.zip”. Reboot the phone into recovery by pressing volume up, home, and power keys. Once in recovery screen select the option that say “install update via SD card” then simply locate the file in your SD card then install it.

Option 2: Flash via ADB Sideload

This one is useful for those who do not have a handy SD card. Assuming that you already used an ADB sideload before, simply grab the file and rename it like “update.zip” then phone into recovery and then select the option to “update via ADB” plug  Now plug the phone to your computer. Open a terminal window then type “ADB devices” it will prompts you into a list of files followed by “sideload”. Now, simply flash the file by typing “adb sideload update.zip”  then press enter.

Flashing with Odin:

Download the stock Odin file then unzipped it in your computer.
Grab Odin3_V3.09 (link)and the USB driver (link)
Reboot the phone into download mode by pressing Volume down, Home and power keys, then the volume up.
Connect the phone in your computer
Configure Odin and just make sure the “Re-partition” box has not checked.
Click on the AP button and then load the ‘L710VPUCMK3_L710SPRMK3_L710VPUCMK3_HOME.tar.md5’ file.
Click the “START” button to begin flashing
Wait until the phone reboots.


4 thoughts on “Update Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Official 4.3 L710VPUCMK3 (Odin and OTA Stock Method)”

  1. hi there,
    I downloaded the file and tried installing it using ROM manager and it didn’t work. could you please help me because this is really disappointing since my phone just wont update OTA.

    1. If you are outside U.S territory then you can’t update via OTA. I did not mention any ROM Manager in the post. Use Odin instead.

  2. One question, I updated my Sprint Galaxy S3 to 4.3, found a recent video on how to root so I did and then flashed Cyanogenmod ROM, I would like to go back 4.3 though, are there any risks of bricking my phone? Or does the update only bricks phone trying to go under 4.3? Please help

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