How to Unlock and Relock Google Nexus 10 Bootloader

Here’s a guide that might help you on how unlock or relock the Google Nexus 10. Unlocking the bootloader will let you have a full control out of your device like rooting and installing any custom ROM you may like. On Nexus the bootloader was lock and it need to unlock first before you can take any modifications to it.

All you’ll going to need is to put your Nexus 10 into USB debugging mode, then grab the Android SDK and install in it on your computer. Then you only execute some simple fastboot command and then you’re ready to unlock it as simple as that. installed on your computer, and then use the fastboot oem unlock command. Relocking is also the same procedure but only varies fro fastboot command line. So, here’s the guide.

Requirements Unlock Bootloader (Nexus 10)

You need the following tools unlock bootloader.
Android SDK

fastboot (windows):…
fastboot (mac):…

Fist come first, back up all important files stored from your device, it may or may not wipe all of it during the process. So, for safety ensure that you have it all copied in safe place of your computer.

How to unlock Nexus 10 Booloader:

1. Power off your Nexus 10, and reboot it into fastboot mode by holding the volume up button, volume down button and power button.
2. Plug your tablet into a full speed primary USB port on your computer. If you’re using Windows, you’ll see the pop-up about drivers being installed and initialized.
3. Open the terminal or command prompt on your computer, and navigate to the folder you have placed the fastboot program in. if you have already done this before you might not get any prob in doing all this stuff!!
4. At the command line, type in –
fastboot devices
You should get a device ID returned, which lets you know that fastboot can see your Nexus 10 is really important to get the ID of the device or else you cannot go further
6. After you have got the ID just type
fastboot oem unlock
in your command window.
7. Look to your tablet, where you’ll have to verify the process. Remember that there’s no way to undo the data loss that will happen the instant you say “Yes”.
8. When the tablet reboots, you’re done. You’re free to install custom software, modified boot images, custom recovery.

Then you have now your Nexus 10 unlocked bootloader

How to Re-lock Nexus 10 Booloader:

Okay, I just l just unlocked it but how about relocking?
Relocking is same as the procedure by unlocking, it only varies how you execute the command line on fastboot.

IF you want to RE-lock your bootloader
1. All the steps are same
2. on the 6th step just change the code from
fastboot oem unlock to fastboot oem lock
3. This will relock your bootloader so that only authentic, signed images from Google can be flashed to the phone.

credits to udimars30 via XDA thread

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