Fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Camera UnBrickableSD

Unbrick and Recover Hard Bricked Samsung Galaxy Camera EC-GC100 using UnBrickable SD

If you ever have your Samsung Galaxy Camera messed-up onto unexpected hard brick from tweaking, then you should be weary about on how to fix it by yourself. A hard brick is not an easy task to mend, since it is very different from soft- bricks.  Fixing soft-bricks on Samsung Android device can be easily fix by flashing back the original factory images, bootloader and partition table PIT files but this cannot be applied onto hard bricks because you cannot enter or boot onto Odin/factory modes (recovery  mode and  download mode). The device is fully dead, unusable and unresponsive, , then how can you flash?. What to do now? send it back to your dealer. No, wait! they will definitely charge you for that, since it does not covered the warranty if they knew that you screwed it up from tweaking.

Here’s a good news to all Galaxy Camera users, an ideal solution that helps you recover your bricked Galaxy Camera, although this requires a little bit workaround but it’s really worth for bringing back your device to life. AdamOutler an Elite XDA-developer now comes up with a working Unbrickable Mod for Galaxy Camera. The Unbrickable Mod that has been very useful from Galaxy S series is now also a very useful tool for Galaxy Camera.

UnBrickable SD- The ultimate in Exynos Necromancy

The UnBrickable SD allows for total resurrection of an otherwise hard-bricked and dead device. It takes a device-specific SDCard, and a jumper to be placed across a tiny resistor. This triggers the device to silently boot at which point it will count to 10 and reload the device’s bootloaders. This uses Samsung Official firmware unlike UnBrickable SD Mod  which allows for dual-booting of custom and official.

Fix that bricked Galaxy Camera of yours now!. Head over to XDA-Devloper for the detailed guide from AdamOutler himself.

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