UK now Accepting Pre-Orders for Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Tag Price of £559-up

UK’s major mobile phone retailers and carrier providers has now also opens it online stores for Samsung Galaxy S5, this goes out for British customers that wants to take a pre-orders before the official launch date of the Galaxy S5 that will starts on April 11. The GalaxyS5 prices varies and defends on mobile operators and retailers, such as O2, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, EE, Amazon, Phones 4U and among other else. Those who prepared the unlocked or SIM-Free can have the Galaxy S5 for around £560 to £600 upfront, but still  monthly payment method which is also comes in a reasonable prices are also been offered.

Here’s what Amazon offered for Galaxy S5, this the SIM-Free or unlocked version which cost £559.99 with free delivery as it stated.

Amazon  SIM-Free Samsung galaxy S5 price details

But for those who might looking for a monthly plan, you can get the Galaxy S5 starts at £34 to £47
per month. Carphone Warehouse offers the Galaxy S5 at £42 per month, and the SIM-Free cost at £569.95.
Carphone warehouse galaxy s5 prices details
Now lets take a look at EE’s (Everything Everywhere) offers, as it starts at £37.99.
EE galaxy s5 prices and montly plans
While Vodafone offers a wider range of  monthly plans that prices ranges from £34 to 47 Euros.
Vodafone Galaxy S5 prices

So if you want to make sure that you have at least one Galaxy S5 reserved for you, you might take your pre-orders now.

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