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U.S. HTC One Android 4.3 Update Hits on October, Missing September Deadline

While the international variants of HTC One phones, including the  Developer edition has had began  receiving the Android 4.3 update and now still in progress in the U.K and Europe regions, but the United States carrier HTC One phones have missed the Android 4.3 update that has been expected to hit before September 30. U.S owners of HTC One are hoping to see the 4.3 update like what the U.S. HTC boss Jason Mackenzie said on September 25 that the update would be out soon. But despite of HTC’s preparation for the said 4.3 update, he also tweeted a while ago that HTC Team has missed the target deadline as supposed to be released on September 30th.

It looks like there might be something a little bit more workaround that HTC team needs to do. But one HTC One owner have also asked the latter “how much is slightly?” Mackenzie have replied this;

The latest Android 4.3  update is equipped with latest UI experience bringing the updated HTC Sense 5.0.  A bug-fixes to the HTC One’s camera issues and problems on poor or very low light environments conditions and some other stuff like the new battery animation while the phone is on charging mode.

Based on Mackienzie’s latest tweets, the U.S  HTC One owners will expects to received  the Android 4.3 update on October,  “We will have some more detail next week. Thanks for your patience”. according to the HTC head.

Source: twitter/JasonMacHTC via techradar

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