SuperSu 1.45

SuperSU Update to v1.45 Root Works on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 4.3 Update

According to Chainfire that he recently updated the SuperSU to version 1.45, and this version is a minor but important update from previous releases v1.43 which already resolves bug issues. The SuperSU has been proven and tested to worked with the Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 leaked has also tested and worked on Google’s Nexus devices, tested first on Nexus 10 that already received the 4.3 update (JWR66V). Several owners of Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 say that also worked. Though, there are some reports that the SuperSU causes some issues on their Nexus devices, but it isn’t the SuperSU fault.
SuperSu 1.45

Here’s a brief details about Chainfire’s statement,

I was surprised by the large number of negative (sometimes even flaming) responses from even techies that SuperSU didn’t magically work perfectly out of the box at 4.3 release. I would like to point out that this daemon version of SuperSU was pretty much just an experiment for the SGS4’s 4.3 leak. We didn’t know if the new measures were Samsung or Google, or if they would be present in any retail firmwares at all. Samsung tends to protect their engineering firmwares better than their retails. As such, there was a big question if the effort was a pure waste of time or not, and I choose not to continue with it until we had some further certainty.

Yes, then the Nexus 4 firmware leaked, I didn’t have time to look at it yet, and I don’t even have a Nexus 4. Some have slammed me for not fixing the CPU load issue sooner – I wasn’t even aware it was a serious problem until the day before the official 4.3 hit …

Android 4.3 – it isn’t just 4.2 with sweetener

Right now, I’m getting a lot of feedback from a lot of users regarding their favorite apps not working and how it’s all SuperSU’s fault, the device isn’t properly rooted, etc. Stop that.

Android 4.3 is a different beast than 4.2, and on stock-ish firmwares it seems this method of root is here to stay. App developers will have to do their share of updating. Things will not be 100% the same as they were. I aim to make it as similar as reasonably possible, but that alone will not be enough.

If you’re a developer, by all means let me know if something is working differently than you expected and if there might be a problem somewhere. You might be right, and it might need fixing. If you’re an end-user, you might want to think long and hard whether or not it is something you really want to bother me with, something you want to bother the app’s dev with, or something that in all likelihood the app’s dev will already currently be looking at (like 4.3 compatibility). The dust will settle soon enough.
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Minor but important update.
– Exitcodes were not always passed correctly by the daemon, which could cause problems for apps checking for them.
– There was a possible exploit in the daemon’s credential verification. I’m not sure if it’s actually exploitable, but best be safe.

– Daemon: code/security mini-audit by Joshua J. Drake
– Daemon: cwd is now respected
– Daemon: auto-daemon feature
– Deamon: fixed cpu spike issue
– Daemon: symlinks sdcard (temporary)
– TWRP-based update: fixed script error
– GUI: Added 4.3 update notice
– GUI: Removed full content logging global warning
– Updated language files

You may visit the discussion thread at XDA, to download and learn more about this latest SuperSU.

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