L900VPUCNK2 Sprint Note II update

Sprint Galaxy Note II Gets New 4.4.2 OTA Update to L900VPUCNK2

Sprint has just released the new Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update on Samsung Galaxy Note II SPH-L900. This time it’s being dubbed with firmware build number KOT49H.L900VPUCNK2. The L900VPUCNK2 has update will going to replace the previous 4.4.2 L900VPUCNE2 way back in May.  The update will bring Google’s security patches, according to Sprint.  Base from the addressed changelog, this is a minor update and it will not cause any further major adverse effect to the device once the update has made.  Security patches is somewhat a piece of technical information and it’s primarily targets the operating system which occasionally added with patches  to protect the user’s  stored data.

The L900VPUCNK2 is now being  held available thru Over-The-Air (OTA) update and it’s gradually rolled out to all Sprint Galaxy Note II users. It will last for several days, so just keep an eye of it. The former is the second Android 4.4.2 update next to L900VPUCNE2 on May’s released.

First time updating?  Make sure to visit the source link below or follow this simple steps.

1. It is recommended to first create a backup of all personal data and apps you have before you update the new software on the device to avoid losing it after the process is finished. Also, ensure that the phone brand is sufficiently charged or connected to a power source before starting the update. In some cases, the update can usually take up to 30 minutes and longer depending on the file size of the update.
2. Go to the Home Screen. Tap on the Menu symbol.
3. Scroll to the right. Select Settings.
4.  Scroll down and choose About Device.
5. Tap Software Update.
6. Wait as the phone searches for software updates.
7. If the phone  already has the latest software version, the device would just prompt with a message saying it is already updated.
If an update is available, the device would prompt to install the new software update. You will then have to follow the on-screen instructions after the message prompts.
On the first boot after the update is finished, the phone screen might look different. You may then check whether all of your personal data and apps are still present. You may restore the backup if your original files were deleted.

Source: Sprint

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