360 rooting tool on Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 Gets Unlock Bootloader, CWM and Root All-in-One Tutorial

From bootloader unlocking and relocking ,  installing CWM and root on Xperia Z1 is now available.  The Sony Xperia Z1 has received a recognition and importance from Android community, this meant that this device wasn’t taken out for granted and further developments will finally flood soon. As of today,  a tutorial for unlocking and relocking the bootloader is already posted at XDA-developers, the CWM revocery installation are also at stake and of course never forget the rooting workaround for your Xperia Z1, so you’ll then enjoy any available apps and further customization once you’ll get bored from the default ones.
Root Xperia Z1

First on a row is the unlocking to relocking the bootloader tutorial on Xperia Z1. Why we need to unlock bootloader, unlocking bootloader will set your device free and you can take control of flashing any custom ROM and Kernels. With unlock bootloader, is also needed if you are about to root your Xperia Z1. You can be an advance users to see any future updates that will come to this device. Just head over at XDA-developers for the detailed guide.
360 rooting tool on Xperia Z1
Get root on Xperia Z1, from here once you get your Xperia Z1 rooted you can now freely enjoys all available apps from the Play market that requires super user access before you can actually install it. Wit Root permissions you have the full control of your device into further customization. So chill out for that just follow the how to rooting guide on your Xperia Z1 here .

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