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Samsung Kies Alternative to Install Latest Firmware Update

If you are having trouble with Kies while updating here’s an alternative to kies to update your Samsung Android devices like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note and whatever Samsung devices you have.  Well, here’s a tip that might help you on how to update your Samsung smartphone to any latest firmware updates like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the latest craze Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

When Samsung releases a newer firmware or software update, it’ll be either on Kies or via OTA (Over The Air)  or both of the two.  Now, some updates will only released exclusively via OTA, this mostly happens in the U.S which those devices are branded or locked with a mobile network operators (i.e AT&T,T-Mobile,Verizon and Sprint).

An OTA update which basically doesn’t need any software to be installed on a PC to phone connection. It already be sent directly to the device with a network connection. Now, Kies do opposite to this thing,  for you need to download it and install it on your computer then with needed PC to Phone USB  connection then an internet.

Some users reportedly having difficulty updating thru Kies, this includes the PC operating system and driver compatibility issues like Windows or MAC. Although Samsung already known about this and released a solution that users needs to download any latest Kies available. But still there are still very few having problem with Kies unresolved.

Why Kies sometimes doesn’t work well and messed up? Maybe that’s the question you are going to ask. Well heck I don’t know..
If you can’t still used Kies, and let say you’ve tried everything uninstalling and reinstalling seems still doesn’t work. Here’s a hint on how to get that firmware update that you ever wanted for you device without Samsung Kies. See the following list I gathered below.

Disclaimer: I’m not discouraging you about using Kies here, I just want to give some insightful solution that might help you regarding your situation using Kies. Use of this option is solely at your own will and risk.

Odin Flasher: Kies Alternative

Odin is a proprietary software tool by Samsung. This is used by Samsung advance users for it has a capability to install any latest firmware update officially released by Samsung. Unlike Kies which is capable only for upgrading and transferring files, Odin flasher can be used to downgrade, upgrade, fixing unwanted bricks and rooting. This supports all Samsung Android devices in a specific version:

The firmware used in this process is called stock ROM. Its the-same firmware that has been release via Kies or OTA but being re-bundled by an Android expert to make also usable within Odin Flasher tool.
Now, using this tool is a bit risky for some part if misused correctly it will result serious damaged to your Android phone and devices. But if you learned on how to use this tool, it might encourage you to dislike Kies.
You can download Odin to your specific devices here: Odin All version

Downside: The only thing Odin flasher seems unlikely not to be tough, for it will not work on PC’s runs with MAC, and only works with Windows OSX. So, user’s in the United States and Canada doesn’t like this that much.

Heimdall Flasher: Kies Alternative

Heimdall is also another Kies alternative same to Odin but this Android flasher tool is a cross-platform that works on computers runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. This an alternative to Odin which uses the same protocol as Odin to flash the device in download mode, and install Android ROMs or Kernels onto Samsung Android devices. This created by Benjamin Dobell an XDA recognized developer

Ubuntu/Debian, Windows and Mac OSX, you can grab Heimdall here: Benjamin Dobell

Downside: Only tested and works on selected devices but development undergoing.

Mobile Odin Lite/PRO: Kies Alternative

Mobile Odin is exactly the-same protocol with Odin flasher tool, it was called Mobile Odin for it is being installed directly to your Samsung Android devices and doesn’t requires a computer and USB connection to flash a firmware. This developed by a well-known maker of SuperSU and CF-Root kernels developer Chainfire.

Grab Mobile Odin Chainfire.
Downside: The only downside of this for its not Free (PRO-only) but its worthed. I highly recommended this for it still under its full development to support with any latest Samsung models. (Note: I am affiliated to this tool)

Well there you have it, but keep in mind no matter what method you chose, flashing firmware onto your device has a lot of potential for disaster like bricking your device if misused or no idea how to use this. You can learn more about this firmware flasher tool at XDA-developers.

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