Samsung Galaxy S4 Triangle Away: Reset Binary Flash Counter

Installing custom ROMs, custom recovery, root kernels and any other unofficial means of modifying your Samsung Galaxy S4 triggers the binary flash counter.  This binary flash counter is a kind of security of your device internal system that automatically trips and starts counting. The count depends from the amount of  how many times the flashing has been made into the device. Samsung has intended to include this into the phone’s system which allows them to track records of the device in-case of customers warranty claims. Flashing unofficial system images  such as ROMs, kernels and recoveries are prone the risk of messing-up the device that might results to malfunction issues. Owners who messed-up on any unofficial way will lost the liability from warranty claims in-case in need of repairs or replacements, for such action is already outside Samsung’s control. However, this can be easily retain back by resetting the binary flash which will exactly reset back the phone to normal status.

Samsung galaxy S4 triangle away apps

Chainfire, XDA’s highly recognized developer have had developed this tool called “Triangle Away” apps that miraculously reset the binary flash counter on Samsung Galaxy S4 and other devices.  You can find this apps at XDA-developers forum,  you should then try it out, if you have your device flash counter already tripped and you want to revert it back to normal from modified status.

Using the ‘Triangle Away’ apps doesn’t mean that your device is already unmodified, you also make sure that your device runs with official firmware provided by Samsung.  You should also need to flash back a clean stock firmware into your device, so that any modification has made to it will be removed.

In addition, this method has not been effectively proven to work from Samsung technician’s eyes, basically these folks knows a lot better than the end-user. So, using this method is reliably upon you,  Samsung’s service personnel knows it, but maybe sometimes they just play dumb-nice for the sake in keeping their costumers happiness. But if this aint worked out to you, just prepare any cost that you might deserve from messing-up your precious Galaxy S4.

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