How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy S4 into Download Mode and Recovery Mode

There are certain times that you need to set your Samsung Galaxy S4 into Download Mode or Recovery Mode. The Download Mode and recovery Mode are valuable options from your device. Samsung has put these options and its in there from the start, but only those who are eager much to learn about these secrets  knows about it.  This option has many advantages like if you need to root, downgrade or upgrade, install custom ROM, recovery, kernel, radio, modem, theming, deleting system apps,  factory reset to default settings and generally makes everything you want.

Below are the two set of options which you can use in your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a traditional ways of rebooting into Download mode and Recovery mode. Using the right button combinations is the key to access each mode. This will work on both Exynos and Snapdragon powered Samsung Galaxy S4 devices, international, U.S. and Canada variants.

Enter Samsung Galaxy S4 into Download and recovery mode
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Rebooted into Download Mode

Note: Before you enter into this modes and install something into your device, you should always make sure that your phone’s battery is fully re-charges.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Download Mode

Using the download mode option from your Samsung Galaxy S4 is the starting point of which you can flash or install any  particular system images into the device. This mode is mostly associated with Odin tool that allows you to flash the official stock firmware or either any custom ROM, custom recovery like CWM or TWRP, root kernels, particular radio and modem images.

How to reboot into Download Mode

1) Turn the device Off, make sure to completely shut it down.

2)  While it’s turned Off, press and hold down the Volume Down button + Home button simultaneously and then press the Power button until the Samsung’s disclaimer screen appears.

– or Hold Down the Volume Down and then press the Power button, then let it go once the disclaimer screen appears.

3) On the disclaimer screen it will ask you to press Volume up to continue or Volume Down to decline the process. If you ready and set everything then simply press the Volume Up button.  You’ll then see the green robot and that’s the indication that you are now completely in download mode.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Recovery Mode

The pre-installed recovery mode (also known as Stock Recovery) allows you to enter into the following options in the menu:

  • Reboot system
  • apply update from enternal storage
  • Wipe Data/factory reset
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Apply update from cache

If you have installed a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP recovery, those above options is also in there but there are some applications added, including the back-up and restore, mounts storage and any other advance options. So, it’s either you haven’t modified the recovery or installed a custom recovery to it, the access button combination is the same.

How to Reboot into Recovery Mode

1) Completely turn the phone Power Off.

2) Press these buttons:
Volume Up + Home button then press the Power button,
or the Volume Up button only and then the Power button.

3) As soon as you feel that the phone is shaking, let go of the Power button but keep holding the Volume Up button, then screen shows the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’ logo. Next to that it shows you the Recovery Mode menu, then let go of the Volume Up button.

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