Root66: Root T-MO Galaxy S3 UVDMD5 4.1.2 Jelly Bean without Binary Flash counter increase

Okay heads-up, you can now root your T-MO Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999) runs with current software update T999UVDMD5 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean without tripping the binary flashcounter using Root66. XDA Elite developer [MrRobinson] has developed this root method long way before that never triggers the flash counter that leads to void the warranty of the device and unable to accept OTA updates. So, this root method which is more safest for beginners especially for those aren’t tech-savvy’s at all. Although, all other rooting method like using the pre-rooted UVDMD5 ROM will also work but it trips the binary flash counter for there’s a part where rooters need to flash the custom recovery.

Install Root on T-Mobile Galaxy S3 jelly bean update T999UVDMD5
Software build info of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update

The root66 also used the pure stock T999UVDMD5 firmware, but the techniques use here was by simply  injecting the root image unto the official firmware, and once the firmware installed – this will automatically adds root permission to the device. This root is so simple but yet so effective and safe, and this can be done easily in a single installation.

In addition, if you use this root method on your T-MO Galaxy S3, you do not need to worry about receiving future OTA updates again. Some owners who used to gain root with other rooting method without their knowledge, freaks-out when their device failed to accept OTA updates. This rooting will not block your device and can accept any OTA updates again. But don’t mark my words, just try it on your own!

Disclaimer: Use of this root method is solely at your own risk! Rooting voids the warranty of your device.  Please proceed with precautions.

How to install the Root Injected Stock T999UVDMD5

Odin flasher – Odin3_v3.07
USB Driver –  Samsung Android USB Driver
Download and Extract the stock_root66.tar from the .7z file from the link below
T-Mobile Image
New! – April 2013 – 4.1.2 JellyBean
Note: This is based off of the stock image TMO T999 UVDMD5
Download – root66_TMO_T999UVDMD5.7z via [MrRobinson] XDA-Original thread:

  • Back up all important files stored from your device, such as contacts,SMS, emails, photos, videos etc.
    This process will not delete your files, but just in-case if you aren’t much familiar about the procedures and  something might went wrong that force you to do a full factory reset, your files were in safe place.
  • Make sure to fully recharge your battery
  • Use PC with Windows OS (Odin will not work on Mac and Linux OSX, sorry guys)
  • Use the original supplied USB cable for your Galaxy S3

1. Run Odin on your PC desktop
2. Boot the Galaxy S3 into download mode screen for Odin.
Turn it off, once completely shut down  hold down the ‘HOME’ + ‘VOLUME DOWN’ buttons and press the ‘POWER’ button for about 2 seconds until a WARNING! Screen appears. Press the ‘VOLUME UP’ button to continue or enter Download Mode.

3. Connect the phone to PC via USB. Then make sure you can see as phone “Added” in Odin log box or highlight the COM:ID once the device is detected,
4. In Odin window, DO Not tick ‘RE-Partition’  only Tick ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ and nothing else.
5. Now load the root system image root66_TMO_T999UVDMD5.tar.md5  on the PDA button.

6. Click on “Start” to flash the stock ROM with root system image.
7. Wait until the flashing finishes and the phone completely reboots.

Optional: In-case you just stuck on welcome screen logo, you may simply fix it by performing factory data reset. Just turn it off then press ‘HOME’ + ‘VOLUME Up’ buttons and press the ‘POWER’ button. Then select Wipe Data/Factory reset then finally “Reboot”.

How to Unroot?

If you wish to unroot or restore back your Galaxy S3 T999 to factory stock, you can do it anytime you want. All you need is grab the original stock firmware (choose SGH-T999) onto your device. The installation method is the same using the Odin flashing instructions above.

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  1. Ayyyyy thanks man. All other root methods DID NOT WORK for me. Yes ALL OF THEM, but i did this one and it worked! Thanks man. Clever how you put the root on the image itself. Clever. Thanks again m8

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