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How to Root N910TUVU1ANK4 4.4.4 Galaxy Note 4 N910T (T-Mobile)

Folks at XDA-developer have managed to root the N910TUVU1ANK4 4.4.4 OTA update on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T using CF-Auto Root.  The root method is too easy to follow in just a simple steps. All you need to do is grab the CF-Auto Root file, and then flash it with Odin, and lastly install the latest SuperSU update. Root is only needed  if you want to be able to have elevated system permissions on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so you can make tweaks and mods out of your own.  But if you may not want to touch your phone and had to kept it as it was then there is no reason for rooting.

Disadvantages of a Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4

On this website, we often informed our readers with some useful insights especially those who aren’t that tech-savvy’s in nature. Some of these are the downside of rooting and modifying their devices.  Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still new in the market place and perhaps one should also care about the service warranty of the device if it’s still newly bought. So that if ever there might be something went into trouble or something is faulty, you could easily complain it to your dealer.

Rooting a Galaxy Note 4 Trips Knox Warranty Void counter from “oxo” to “0x1”

Once you  root and modify your device you’ll loss this warranty privilege and not only that you will also loss some apps called Knox. What is Knox? Knox is an app that is very useful to those who work at a company that allows staff to use their own phone to receive work related e-mail in a separate and secure container of the phone. Refer here to learn more about Knox. When you install root this will trip the Knox warranty counter from the default count status of “0x0” to flagged  count of “ox1” . This is hidden inside your phone’s operating system but you can see this counter by rebooting your device into “Download mode”.

Galaxy Note 4 Knox 0x0

If you want to manually check the Knox security counter, just reboot your Galaxy Note 4 into download mode – Turn it OFF, then press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power button at the same time, then press Volume Up when it shows the warning screen. See if it’s still at untouched count of “0xo” , but if you see “0x1” it simply means that Knox has been compromised and it will no longer work in the phone.

A Rooted and a Modified Galaxy Note 4 will no longer receives Official Software Update

One more thing for sure if you might get this message “The operating system on your device has been modified in unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Samsung Kies on your PC, or visit a customer service center”, once tried updating to a newer software update via over-the-air OTA.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 unable to get OTA update

It is just basically a message alarming you that your device has been modified and no longer supports the official software updates. Don’t get it wrong, if you knew exactly what you have been done on your phone. Might perhaps, if you don’t knew how exactly it works, the software updates will check the firmware consistency from your device before it it lets you push the update, once found some modification it triggers that message. But sometimes it also a false alarm, knowing that your device has been untouched, never rooted or whatsoever. I have faced exactly the same problem on my Galaxy Note 3 before, and had to learn that my external SD-card was the culprit of such issue.

There you have it, now you already knows the downside of rooting and modifying your precious Galaxy Note 4. But if you don’t care that much about knocking Knox warranty void, unable to receive software update and there is only one thing remain in mind – “just for tweaks and mods” you may then root it as you wish.

How to Root N910TUVU1ANK4 4.4.4 update

On the first step, you must grab the at here. Once downloaded unzip the file so it will then flashable with Odin like this ‘CF-Auto-Root-trltetmo-trltetmo-smn910t.tar.md5’.

Run Odin3_v3.07 in your PC, make sure you also have the USB driver installed to gain a successful flashing. Grab the USB driver here  again, only needed if you have not yet installed Kies in your computer.
Next. reboot your phone into “Download Mode”  by pressing and holding down the “Home”, “Volume Down”, and “Power” keys  then press “Volume Up” key until it sets into download screen. Then connect the phone to PC using the supplied USB data cable.

In Odin v3.07, click the PDA button then select the CF-Auto-Root-trltetmo-trltetmo-smn910t.tar.md5.

Root N910TUVU1ANK4 Tmobile Galaxy Note 4

Once the CF-Auto root is loaded click on Odin’s “START” button to begin rooting. Then wait until it finishes and the phone reboots.

Lastly, grab the SuperSU if it ask  you to update the binary.

If you want to customize your Galaxy Note 4 N910T much deeper such as installing custom recovery like TWRP Recovery, you may refer at this XDA’s thread

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  1. Who in their right mind would root the Samsung galaxy Note 4? It already comes with kit Kat 4.4.4. Everyone should wait until the lollipop comes out. Because if you root the note 4 you will loose the warranty and other important things that came with the note 4. Stop and think before you do something to your note 4.

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