Galaxy Note Jelly bean N7000 XXLT5 XXLT3

Root N7000XXLT5 N7000XXLT3 Galaxy Note N7000 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

If you need to root your Samsung Galaxy N7000 that has been updated  with the latest Jelly Bean update as of May 2013 with the build numbers N7000XXLT5 and a baseband version N7000XXLT3, then this root guide is for you. Here’s a proven root method that absolutely works on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 runs with the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. Again, this rooting techniques was made specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 only.  If this is your first time heard about this rooting process, just read our guide carefully.  You may first check your device system OS info by hitting Settings>> About device. It should say that your baseband version is N7000XXLT3 or with build numbers JZO54K.N7000XXLT5. (see our  screenshot below)
Galaxy Note Jelly bean N7000 XXLT5 XXLT3

Firmware info: N7000XXLT5 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note
Model number: GT-N7000
Region: Europe
Country:  Baltic States, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia
Android version: 4.1.2
Modem: N7000XXLT3
Build number: JZO54K.N7000XXLT5

For advance users, that might have missed this update, you can grab the N7000XXLT5 stock ROM from the source below and install it first then you may proceed on rooting.

Disclaimer: This method is for developers and advance users only. We shall not take any responsibility if anything happens to your device by using this guide.

– Odin downloader –  Odin3 v3.07
– USB Driver Link (install it)
Download the original N7000XXLT4 Stock Firmware from here.
Baltic States – SEB_N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000OXXLT2
Croatia – TRA_N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000OXXLT2
Czech Republic – XEZ_N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000XEZLT2
Hungary – XEH_N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000XEZLT2
Hungary – AUT_N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000AUTLT2

  1. Extract or unzip the downloaded file. use winzip, 7zip, or any extracting software in your computer or laptop.
  2. Grab and install the USB driver
  3. Start odin3 and configure its options: DO NOT Tick “Re-partition” options.
  4. Click on the PDA button then load the ‘N7000XXLT5_N7000XXLT3_N7000OXXLT2_HOME.tar.md5′ file
  5. Boot the device into download mode (Volume down+Home+Power) button
  6. Connect the device in download mode to PC via USB
  7. Press start to flash the tar.md5 package
  8. Wait until it finishes flashing and the device completely reboots, then remove it from PC connection
  9. Now, proceed to root your newly installed 4.1.2 Jelly bean.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 XXLT5  XXLT3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

To root,  you can use Root_SuperSU signed zip and busybox file.  It’s been simple and very handy root method that works for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. All you need is grab the file, put it on your SD card boot in recovery mode then flash the SuperSU root file. Download the root file from XDA ( Choose Method 1) and carefully follow the instructions.

You can also use PhilZ-cwm6  with CWM6 based recovery to root. Philz-CWM6 root kernel does not just root your Samsung Galaxy Note but it also adds up the enhanced clockworkmod 6 full touch based recovery on your device in just simple steps ahead. This root is absolutely safe for it has a “stock based kernel”  to avoid brick bug issues. This is also a handy rooting technique by way of  just flashing it via Stock Recovery, or if you already have installed custom recovery and even in Odin without the frustrating yellow triangle.

There are two root packages you can choose, either install it via stock recovery or the tar file which can be flash through Odin. You can grab the files here –

Method 1:  Install Root via Stock Recovery Update zip

Recommended Method – Recovery (.zip) packages instructions – Will also root your phone

  1. They come in the form of files that can be flashed in stock recovery 3e: No Yellow Triangle
  2. Download
  3. Copy or Put the previously downloaded file on your external sd card (not internal)
  4. Boot into stock recovery (volume up+home+power) button
  5. Select “apply update from external storage”. Use volume keys to toggle and home or power button to select option.
  6. Now select the file you copied in previous step.
  7. You are rooted + new PhilZ-cwm6 kernel with CWM6

Method 2:  Root Galaxy Note using Universal Root – SuperSU and BusyBox

This root method uses the SuperSU and Busybox installer, it can directly install to the Galaxy Note  GT-N7000 even without CMW recovery.  Yes it sounds like magic! All you need is download the SuperSU root file from XDA source ( Choose Method 1).

1. Download and then copy the root files into your external SDcard, you may choose one of the following files., or
2. Set your Galaxy Note into stock recovery (press and hold volume up+home+power), then select “apply update from external storage”.
3. Now select the then install it.

That’s all! You now have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 runs in Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (N7000XXLT5).

4 thoughts on “Root N7000XXLT5 N7000XXLT3 Galaxy Note N7000 4.1.2 Jelly Bean”

  1. great. the note 1 was in bootloop. I tried cm9, cm10, cm11 and the firmware n7000xxlt3 baseband and it was getting better. but the best thing to do was to change the kernel from 3.0.31-1103517 to the older 3.0.31-906407. thanks to you all out there. Especially androidayos, PhilZ, xda-develloper. I learned a lot about kies, odin, cwm, triangle away, pits and so on. finally I suceeded with internal recovery and external sd-card. great

  2. I av problem with the phone net work connection, despite adequate network signal the phone will not pick the signal. How can i fix this

  3. model number
    android version
    baseband version
    kernel version
    se.infra@sep-100 #3
    smp preempt mon jun 24 19:41:50 kst


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