T-Mobile Galaxy S4 OTA Update M919UVUAMDL

Easy and Safe Root M919UVUAMDL T-Mobile Galaxy S4 OTA Update 4.2.2

This the easiest and safiest root method for T-Mo’s latest OTA update M919UVUAMDL on Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919. To root Galaxy S4 M919UVUAMDL OTA Update, we can now use Chainfire’s CF-Auto Root. Since, Samsung has attempted to block the developer community for possible users super access on this device, which is not too friendly for us all Android lovers.  Some, earlier root exploit method will not work this time with M919UVUAMDL, but Chainfire  came to the rescue with this new CF-Auto Root that already has a kernel-patched to worked with Samsung’s latest OTA updates that attempts to  blocks users from rooting.  But wait, Android is an open source community and rooting isn’t illegal at all, but you’ll lose any warranty privileges if you’ll root your device.

In addition, using Chaifire’s CF-Auto Root on your Galaxy S4 M919 will keep your device closes to possible stock firmware, that means you can still receive any future official updates. Again,  if you want your Galaxy S4 rooted, then this is for you. However, if you want to keep your device untouched then ignore from rooting.

This root guide is intended to use with Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 with Qualcomm Snapdragon only, and this should not be used to root on all other Samsung Galaxy S4 variants. Prior to use this root method on other Samsung Galaxy S4 variants other than with the specific model number SGH-M919 may result to possible bricks. You may first check your device model number and software info by hitting
Settings -> About device -> Model number and software version. 

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 OTA Update M919UVUAMDL

Disclaimer: We and the developer of this root method shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device. Keep in mind that rooting voids the warranty of your device. You may proceed at your own risk!

How to Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 runs with M919UVUAMDL Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

  • Make sure that your phone is fully charge.
  • Back up all important files stored from the phone’s memory such as contacts, messages, pics, videos and etc.
  • Use Windows based computer or laptop, Odin will not work on MAC and LINUX.

Download Chainfire’s CF-Auto Root for Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919  – CF-AUTO ROOT (consider a donation to Chainfire for continued development)

Install the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 USB driverhere
Odin Flasher Tool for Galaxy S4 Odin3_v3.07. here

Step 1. Extract the downloaded CF-Auto-Root-jfltetmo-jfltetmo-sghm919.zip so that you’ll get the CF-Auto-Root-jfltetmo-jfltetmo-sghm919.tar.md5, the Odin flashable file. You can use Winzip, 7zip or any extracting tool you have in your computer.
Step 2. Run Odin3_v3.07.exe in your computer
– Make sure NOT TO CHECK this option “Re-Partition”. Leave  others checked.

Step 3. Click on the PDA button the browse and select the CF-Auto Root tar file.

PDA button: “CF-Auto-Root-jfltetmo-jfltetmo-sghm919.tar.md5

CF-Auto root for T-Mobile Galaxy S4

Step 4. Set your phone in download mode (Turn off phone, then hold Volume Down+Home+Power button simultaneously) Then it ask you to press a Volume Up button to continue.

Step 5. Connect the phone to your computer via USB cable. You will then see an ID:COM number which is being highlighted in color blue and a word “Added!”  it indicates that your device is recognized with Odin. If you can’t see such indications, make sure to re-install the driver correctly and check your USB cable and your computer’s USB port for possible issues.

Step 6. Hit the “START” button to flash the root file onto your Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919.

Step 7. Wait until it finishes flashing, you can see a word “PASS” once it’s successfully completes.
This process will only takes around 30 seconds to complete or until the phone completely reboots.

Done! remove the phone from computer connection.

Fixing possible errors while installing CF-Auto Root on Galaxy S4

If you followed the odin flashing correctly and it seems it doesn’t successfully  installed. All you need is repeat the whole process, just double-check everything to make the rooting runs smoothly, you can check your USB cable, USB port, re-install the USB driver and closed any programs runs on the system that sometimes causes the error problems.  

How to reset the binary flash counter on Samsung Galaxy S4?
Installing CF-Auto-root on your Samsung Galaxy S4 tripped the binary flash counter, but you can simply reset it back to normal by applying triangle away apps that is also brought to you  by Chainfire. After using Triangle-away, your device shows as “custom”, but the binary will show as “Samsung Official” in Download mode.

How to unroot my Samsung Galaxy S4?
Your Samsung Galaxy S4 will automatically lost root once you get a new firmware updates again but if you wish to undo root anytime you want, all you need is flash your Galaxy S4 original stock firmware.

Does this root method worked on your Samsung Galaxy S4 that runs with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean build M919UVUAMDL? Just tell us if this root method has failed to work and any other issues you might encountered.


9 thoughts on “Easy and Safe Root M919UVUAMDL T-Mobile Galaxy S4 OTA Update 4.2.2”

  1. I can confirm that it worked on the LATEST OTA update. Chainfire has patched the secure kernel source. http://www.xda-developers.com/android/chainfire-patches-samsungs-attempts-to-block-root-new-devices-added-to-cf-auto-root/

    After CF-Auto Root
    My device status is custom
    WiFi works fine.
    Binary status is: official
    Flash counter is: 1

    After using Triangle Away:
    Device status is still custom
    Flash counter is: 0


  2. Thank you so much. This is the only method that really works for Samsung Galaxy S4 M919UVUAMDL Model SGH-M919 Version 4.2.2. I bricked my phone 4 times trying other methods but this one works perfectly.

  3. Worked on August 10, 2013. So easy. Had to ODIN a recovery module on after like OUDHS-Recovery-jfltetmo- to flash zip files but other than that by far the easiest way, and everything works!

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