Root I717UCMD3 Galaxy Note I717 (AT&T) Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update

Here’s a working root method for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717 running on the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software update with build numbers I717UCDM3. To root, you will now use the latest “” developed by Chanifire and the TWRP custom recovery from Teamwin. Just follow the simple instruction below, then you’ll have your Galaxy Note rooted in no time. This rooting process was already tested and proven safe, if you are new about this rooting thing then make a careful research first before doing so. This is not new from those who already use  this rooting method before, it’s the same rotting process from previous Ice Cream Sandwich version.

I717UCMD3 AT&T galaxy note SGH-i717 Jelly bean

Instructions:  How to Root Galaxy Note I717 runs with Jelly Bean (I717UCMD3)

Grab the needed files:
TWRP Recovery v2.5download (Choose the Odin Method)
Odin flasher – download
USB Driverdownload

Disclaimer: Rooting voids the warranty of your device. We shal not be held responsible If you messed-up your device. use of this guide is solely at your own risk!

1. Copy the into your Galaxy Note SD card (not on the phone but internal storage).
2. Run Odin3.1.85.exe in your computer.
3. Reboot your phone in download mode. Turn it OFF, then press and hold Volume down and Power button at the same time. Then simply press Volume up to confirm.
4. Connect the phone via USB cable.
5. Click the PDA button then browse the openrecovery-twrp-
–  make sure all the boxes are UNCHECK except for Auto Reboot.
6. Now Hit “Start” button and wait until the phone reboots.
7. Now reboot the phone into recovery mode to install the SuperSU root file.

  • Turn it OFF,
  • Press both Volume Up and Down and the Power button at the same until a Teamwin screen appears
  • On menu tap “Install” folder
  • Locate the CWM super SU from the SD card
  • Swipe over to Flash
  • Reboot system

That’s it! You should now have a rooted Galaxy Note I717 running in Jelly Bean.  Thank’s to (KSoD) from XDA for confirming us about this root method that truly works!

Is this root method work on your device or not? Drop a comments below.

20 thoughts on “Root I717UCMD3 Galaxy Note I717 (AT&T) Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update”

  1. The file you need is actually openrecovery-twrp- Will be near the bottom of the list on the website provided.

  2. My phone will not root…I have done it twice…Teamwin and Super user appear to be well functioning files…anf I seem to be performing the process correctly…but titanium backup says that I am not rooted.

  3. Thank you so much. Worked great. I couldn’t find the twrp tar file at first… Windows libraries trying to help again…. not! I have Titanium backup installed now… Now on to the wonderful world of ROMs!

  4. Worked Perfectly! Had a little trouble booting in recovery mode but got it to work on third try, remember to release the three buttons as soon as you see the first samsung menu.

  5. Has anyone encountered this? Everything is the same in the about device area. I Downloaded all the files opened ODIN get the TWRP get into the download on my phone then it shows this on ODIN.
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not uplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I wait nothing happens Odin is all greyed out and I get a (Not Responding) in the header.
    I tried re-downloading everything still the same any ideas?

  6. Thank you so much Kim! I have been trying to root my phone for about 3 months now. Bricking it a few times (2 soft 1 hard). I went on several site and tried their’s, paid $20 for Root Android Pro (just for them to give directions on how to root using ODIN – I already did that), and now finally yours was the finally the one that worked.

  7. I’ve tried two different ways and neither has worked. When I press UP and DOWN volume and the power button together it never goes to a Teamwin screen it just buzzes.

    1. I had this problem, just hold down the power until it starts to boot up, release the power but keep holding volume down and up for a bit longer.

  8. i rooted my i717 with above method. and after having it restarted its Wi-Fi stopped working. Wi-Fi on/off key becomes inactive.

    then i went to superSU and clicked “full unroot” but my Wi-Fi never started working again.

    leads would be greatly appreciaated.

  9. Actually, it I time it right, I see the Samsung Logo go by, it don’t get any buzzing, and the techwin screen is visable for 1 second. then it starts buzzing

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