Root I545VRUFNK1 stock kernel

Root I545VRUFNK1 Galaxy S4 I545 Without Tripping Knox

If you are looking for to root I545VRUFNK1 Galaxy S4 I545 4.4.2 firmware update without tripping KNOX, then you may try this root method. This rooting technique is a little bit challenging since the process will need some kernel flashing and installing Towelroot and SuperSU. Mentioning Towelroot,  many might already knows about it that it does not actually trip the KNOX warranty flag during the old days.  But on recent updates it shouldn’t be directly installed to root any Android devices as it will not work anymore.  But it can still be used by some extra workaround.  So using this root method  to Root I545VRUFNK1 Galaxy S4 I545 is also worth noting that it will not trip Knox, keeping your factory warranty in tact.

1. Following the above process will not affect User Data or your Knox Warranty Flag.
2. After flashing the NC5 kernel your phone may run a little wonky, e.g. the home screen may flash on and off and towelroot may not root on the first try. Attempt to proceed through these issues if possible. Once rooted and after flashing the NK1 kernel your phone will once again run like a champ!
3. You are able to Odin downgrade back to either NC5 or NG6 at anytime.
4. The most common cause of a Odin flash failure is a bad usb port or cable. Please check before reporting a failure.

Advanced users may directly jump up to a quick guide at XDA-Developers (link below).
But for those new on Galaxy S4 rooting, and to those who might not had have been rooted before and might need some extra guidance before engaging into rooting. If you are new about rooting then I suggest you may try to take a careful research first about the pros and cons  about rooting.

Root I545VRUFNK1


Make sure that your Galaxy S4 is re-charge.
It is highly recommended to make a back up all important files stored from your phone’s internal memory – contacts, messages, etc. before flashing no-matter if it is Full-WIpe or Non-Wipe, just to be safe and ensure that your stored data are in safe if something went wrong during the rooting process.
Use a PC or laptop that runs in Windows OS, with a good and perfectly working USB serial port. Odin will not work on MAC.
Use the supplied USB cable for your Galaxy S4.
Enable USB debugging in your Galaxy S4. In Android 4.4.2 you can go on Settings>>About Device>> Tap the Firmware Build version  ‘KOT49H.I545VRUFNK1 ’ around 7-times. It will then allows you to enable the USB debugging mode.
Closed Kies if you have it and should not running in the system tray! Kies will interrupt and doesn’t like Odin, it will block you from flashing.

Step 1: Grab what you’ll need for rooting:

  • Towelroot APK  (link)
  • SuperSU (link)
  • I545_NC5_Stock_Kernel.tar.md5 (link)
  • I545_NK1_Stock_Kernel.tar.md5 (link)
  • USB Driver – (only needed if you have not yet installed Kies in your computer)
  • Odin flasher tool – (grab it here)

Step 2:  Copy the Towelroot APK into your phone.  

Step 3: Reboot your Galaxy S4 I545 into “Download Mode”.  Press and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power keys until the phone powers on and displays warning screen. A warning screen will ask you to press Volume Up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, just simply press volume up to get into download mode.The Odin download mode then displays an Android robot and say’s “Downloading. Do not turn off target!!”

Step 4: Run and Configure Odin3_v3.09 on your computer. Do not touch the check-boxes options on the right top of Odin, ensure that the ‘RE-PARTITION’ is uncheck, only the ‘AUTO-REBOOT and ‘F.RESET TIME’ check-boxes are both checked by default.

Step 5: Connect your Galaxy S 4 to computer using the supplied USB data cable.

Step 6: In Odin window click the AP button then select and load the I545_NC5_Stock_Kernel.tar.md5. Then hit the “START” button.
Root I545VRUFNK1 stock kernel

Step 7: Once the phone reboot, find the Towelroot APK then simply tap “install”.  Then wait.
towelroot by Geohot

At this stage the root may have been installed but the phone is at wonky stage, you’ll experience a flashy home screen on and off and towelroot may not root on the first try. To fix this and gains a sticky root, you’ll need to flash the I545VRUFNK kernel back into your phone and all those unwanted issues go away

Step 8: Reboot your Galaxy S4 into download mode again,  this time click the AP button then select and load the I545_NK1_Stock_Kernel.tar.md5. Then hit the “START” button.
Root I545VRUFNK1 stock kernel 2

Step 9: Lastly, get the latest SuperSU from Play Store, then install it.

That’s all!. There is also another rooted method such flashing the stock rooted I545VRUFNK1 technique, just head-over to XDA’s thread for more details.


5 thoughts on “Root I545VRUFNK1 Galaxy S4 I545 Without Tripping Knox”

  1. I did this. I got root access but it only seems like partial root access. Also it DID trip knox. I’m new the the whole “rooting” scene also so maybe I just don’t know what I’m looking for.

    1. Perform full wipe/factory reset.. reboot in recovery mode.. Volume Down, Home, Power key at the same time.. choose Wipe Data/factory reset.

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