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Root I535VRUCNC1 4.3 OTA Update On Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535

Root I535VRUCNC1 Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 new 4.3 update. If you already received the OTA update 4.3 I535VRUCNC1 and now you need root, then this is for you. You cannot actually directly root I535VRUCNC1 using any root method that has been there  before. But instead you need to return back to the old 4.3 I535VRUCML1, so you can install root again.  Besides returning back from 4.3  I535VRUCNC1 to 4.3 I535VRUCML1, has no effect at all as the two firmwares are both Android 4.3 Jelly bean builds.

The I535VRUCNC1 Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 4.3 update is very useful to those who always travels in Canada, but for those  who just stayed in the US and might find it unnecessary, well it’s up to you how you deal the roam features. So if you want to retain root on Galaxy S3 SCH-I535, then just follow this simple guide if you have been trusted us as we are already here for a long time now.

The rooting process requires you to have a computer running on Windows or MAC operating system and of-course your Galaxy S4 USB driver is also needed and little workaround for the few files as your source to root your Galaxy S3 i535 further.

But then again, there is a risk danger involved into rooting your device. There are no any guarantees that this may or may not harm your device. So if you want get your device being rooted and exactly knows what this is all about.
Just please read carefully the step by step instructions before jumping into the plunge to avoid messing-up Galaxy S3 i535.

Grab Odin flasher tools and USB Driver:
Grab Odin3_v3.09, USB Driver, and  the 4.3 VRUCML1 firmware

– Unzip the stock firmware file 4.3 I535_VZW_I535VRUCML1_4.3 I535VZWCML1_Original.zip
– Install the USB driver
– Run Odin3_v3.09, ensure not to tick the “Re-Partition” option.
– Put the Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 in download mode by holding down the volume Up+Home+Power button at the same time.
– Connect the Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 into the the computer.
– Click the AP button, then load the stock extracted firmware file.
“I535VRUCML1_4.3 I535VZWCML1_Home.tar.md5”
– Hit the “Start” button.
– Wait until “PASS!” appears.
– Done.
– Now proceed into rooting

Get the root files here:

Instructions into rooting:

Download and unzip the download safe root script file.
Once downloaded the saferoot file, unzip it in single file folder. You will then see three files named as -”install.bat”,  ”install.sh” and a folder called “tools” or “files”

saferoot Galaxy S4 4.3
Grab the USB drivers and install on your computer.
USB driver – download 
Turn-ON USB debugging mode on developer options.
To do this, head-over to your phone Menu>>Settings>>About Phone. Once on About Phone info, scroll down and find the text that says “Build number”. Then tap the Build Number for about seven times, a pop-up message will then prompt you saying ‘You are 4 steps away from being a developer’ until the pop up message says ‘You are now a developer’.
Connect your phone to your computer.
Once the phone was already set into USB debugging mode and installed the USB driver  simply plug in the USB cable. If a pop-up message appears that says “Allow USB Debugging” just tap on the “Always allow from this computer” to check it, then tap OK.

Install Root on I535VRUCNC1

saferoot Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3
Now head-over to the folder where you extracted the ‘Saferoot’ file then simply run root by clicking the “install.bat”. It will then root your phone.  Then wait until the phone reboots. That’s it, from there your phone must be rooted, you may then check and confirmed it if the root successfully installed

For more details, just head-over to our XDA-developers fella [k1mu] at his original thread here –http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=48392009&postcount=1

5 thoughts on “Root I535VRUCNC1 4.3 OTA Update On Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535”

  1. Does this mean we can install a custom recovery? From what I understand we can gain root however, we still are unable to install a custom recovery…

    1. You can gain root, that is not the issue. Unlocking the bootloader and installing custom roms is. But they have a whole write up on how to partition the drive so you can load custom roms on to it. Go to the XDA forums and they will epxlain all.

  2. has anyone had problems i with bricking from downgrading to cml? I have already bricked my phone once and don’t want that to happen again but at the same time I want root.

  3. NEIL,
    HELP, I need this file I535VZWCML1_HOME.zip I can’t downld it anywhere I find links …NONE work.
    do you have a way to get it to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my phone is soft bricked I can run odin but I am told I need this file.
    PS I have a Samsung galaxy 3 sch-i535

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