Rooted I337UCUFNJ4 AT&T Galaxy S4 I337

How to Root I337UCUFNJ4 AT&T Galaxy S4 4.4.4 OTA Update using TowelRoot

If you want to root the I337UCUFNJ4 on AT&T’s Galaxy S4 official 4.4.4 OTA update that have just recently rolled out, the Towelroot app can do the job for that. But don’t rush-in to grab the Towelroot apk and run it directly on top of the I337UCUFNJ4 kernel version which is not actually currently supported on rooting process and you’ll only get an error that says something like “Phone Isn’t supported “. So to gain root on I337UCUFNJ4 4.4.4 update, there is an extra workaround that you may need to do first before applying the Towelroot .  This root method trick is to roll back the UCUFNJ4 Kernel version to the older UCUFNC1 which basically Towelroot had proven to worked on that particular firmware build number.

To root the I337UCUFNJ4 4.4.4 OTA update our fellow XDA’s senior member [muniz_ri] at XDA-Developers have had already prepared the rooting process. But then again, read the whole procedure from top to bottom as this root method is a bit risky on some part.

Root AT&T Galaxy S4 I337UCUFNJ4 4.4.4 update
Here are the step by step rooting process mentioned;

Grab all of these files:

1) On the first step, you must have the 4.4.4 NJ4 OTA update running on your Galaxy S4 I337.
2) Next. reboot your phone into “Download Mode”  by pressing and holding down the “Home”, “Volume Down”, and “Power” keys  then press “Volume Up” key until it sets into download screen.
3) Use Odin v3.09 to Flash the I337_NC1_Stock_Kernel under AP slot.
4) Now, run the Towelroot-v3.apk on the given link.
5) After applying the towelroot, reboot your Galaxy S4 into “Download Mode” again.
6) This time you need to flash  the I337_NJ4_Stock_Kernel the same way flashing via Odin’s AP button.
7) Lastly, grab the SuperSU to manage root access. That’s it!


1. After flashing the NC1 kernel your phone may run a little wonky, e.g. extreme lag, no wifi, etc., and towelroot may not root on the first try. If that happens reboot and try towelroot once again. Once rooted and after flashing the NJ4 kernel your phone will again run like a champ!
2. Neither User Data nor knox warranty flag will be affected by following the above process.
3. The most common cause of a failed Odin flash is a bad usb port or cable. Please check before reporting a failure.

There is also a stock rooted zip file, for those who had been using Safestrap. From were all you need is flash the stock rooted I337UCUFNJ4 in “Stock Slot” function then after that you also necessarily flash the I337UCUFNJ4 stock kernel to make all things run smoothly.

Was the root worked out? Of-course, yes!

There you have it fellas! And don’t forget to give thanks to everyone over at XDA-developers whom involved on this rooting technique.
Root I337UCUFNJ4

This root method was originally posted at XDA-developers.

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