Root checker Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F

How to Root Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F/SM-G903M Using CF-Auto Root

Here’s how to root the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F and  SM-G903M variants.  Either which version you have, the Europe version SM-G903F or the SM-G903M in Latin America this rooting approach will work flawlessly.  The simple thing about this root method is that it uses the CF-Auto Root that is developed by Chainfire to which has been proven very easy to use for gaining root on many devices. This rooting technique has been already tested and it worked well on  the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo’s latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS, to which this particular device has been running at since its released.

But then again, rooting may void the warranty of your device and there are some extra precaution you must be aware of. Here are some reminder that you may need to know before you engage into rooting your Galaxy S5 Neo. These are just some of the few main things you may consider if you are  new about rooting.

Disadvantages of a Rooted Galaxy S5 Neo:

  1. It may void the warranty of your  Galaxy S5 Neo.
  2. It tripped the KNOX apps in your Galaxy S5 Neo and you couldn’t use it again
  3. Your may not be able to receive the  OTA update unless you unroot your Galaxy S5 Neo once again by restoring back the stock firmware.

What do I need to do before rooting the Galaxy S5 Neo?

You may learn to unroot the device just in-case you want to upgrade to the latest OS. Samsung will release an update from time to time, to which an update that includes new features, bug fixes and further improvements to the device. You may read our tutorials on how to remove root or unroot the Galaxy S5 Neo.


  • Fully recharge your Galaxy S5 Neo before rooting.
  • Make a back-up of all important data stored in the phone’s memory like contacts, photos, videos, messages, and etc.
  • Enable OEM unlock by going to Settings > Developer options > Enable unlock by OEM.
  • Use a PC computer as this process will not work on MAC.
  • Use the supplied USB data cable of your Galaxy S5 Neo


Download Odin3_v3.10.6 (CF-Auto-Root has it included, but if it doesn’t work you may use this instead.
Install Kies or Smart Switch for PC to get the USB driver.

Grab the CF-AUTO-ROOT for your Galaxy S5 NEO, according to its model number.  To check the model number of your Galaxy S5 NEO, just simply tap on Settings > About device, then check either if you have the model number SM-G903F or SM-G903M.

For Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F (Europe version)  – CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neoltexx-smg903f
For Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903M (Latin America version) – CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neolteub-smg903m

Procedures: Root the Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F & SM-G903M

  1.  Extract or unzip the downloaded for SM-G903F  or the for SM-G903M so that you’ll get the Odin flashable file.
  2. Run Odin3_v3.10.6 click the AP  button and browse to the folder where you have unzipped and keep the file.
    If you have the Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F variant, just load the  ‘CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neoltexx-smg903f.tar.md5′ 
    CF-Auto Root Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F
    And for the Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903M will also loads the ‘CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neolteub-smg903m.tar.md5′ in the AP button.
    CF-Auto Root Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903M
  3.  Reboot the Galaxy S5 Neo into download mode. Turn  the power off, then just press and hold the Volume Down, Home button and the Power ON/OFF button simultaneously. Then press the Volume Up until you will get into the Download mode screen.
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Download mode
  4. Connect your Galaxy S5 Neo to your PC.
  5. Wait a couple of seconds as Odin reads the MD5 check-sum.
  6. Click the “START’ button if it all seems good to start flashing the root file.
  7. Wait until your Galaxy S5 Neo completely rebooted and you’ll see the word PASS! appeared in Odin.

Root Galaxy S5 Neo Finishes

Once the rooting process is done, you may then verify and confirm if you have successfully rooted your Galaxy S5 Neo using the Root checker app from Play Store.
Root checker Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F
If you may read a message that reads something like “SuperSu has stopped” this is basically normal since the KNOX apps interfere the root access. All you need is uninstall the SuperSU then re-install or update to latest SuperSU from Playstore.

That’s it! Just let me know if this method has perfectly and flawlessly rooted your Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.

12 thoughts on “How to Root Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F/SM-G903M Using CF-Auto Root”

  1. hello, i have a problem with this process (i speak spanish, sorry for my english) but at the end, ist appears an note than says fail in red. I need help, please i want to root my smartphone. I did everything good but i dont know why appears this note.
    Android: 5.1.1
    Compilation number: LMY47X.G903MUBU1AOJ2
    Model number: SM-G903M

    1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites:
      1) Fully charge your phone 😉
      2) ( optional) protects the data on your phone
      3) (This is almost always skipped ) Enable OEM unlock (if you do not you will not get you phone rooted)
      4) You must have a windows pc with files that provide you here
      5 ) Connect your device into download mode to pc

      1) in Odin AP part put CF -Auto -Root file
      2) Put Start

      Turn off the mobile location :
      Lock and Security == > “Find My Mobile” on and off “remote controls” and ” Google location service” == >

      You are welcome.

  2. Hey, I just want to say that this actually works.
    Remember to read whatever the screen on the phone says, too – for me it failed initially due to FRP blocking it. after removing my google account and screen lock it worked! (not sure if the latter is necessary)

  3. Very easy and straight forward.. was able to flash my S5 Neo in about 10mins. moved all what i wanted to keep (pics/vids/etc to my SD card, took that out.
    and started the flash.

    One small problem was.. i uninstalled the SuperSU as i had a Pro version apk file but for some reason it wouldn’t update SuperSU after i had reinstalled it.

    “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue?…please wait. If you see this message for more than five minutes please restart and try again. After about 30 seconds, it says Installation failed ! Please reboot and try again.”

    after a few reboots it kept coming up, so i just re-flashed it again.. fixed the issue.

  4. It didn’t work to me, at first. After, I installed the “SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe”. with, it was ok so.

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