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Bugs and Issues about Jelly Bean Leaks on Bell’s Galaxy S3 I747M VLALI2c and VLALI3

The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for Bell Samsung Galaxy S3 recently leaks. There are several builds has come to surface, the first build leaks is I747MVLALI2c then followed by I747MVLALI3. Mostly of this builds are very tempting to install, mostly for advance users like us and custom ROM developers. But we already know how this builds works and expect an unstable performance on Galaxy S3 devices since this is only a beta and not a final build.

So, for those who’s just sneaking around and wants to know how the said Bell’s Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean leaks works and looks like, here’s a few pros and cons, on why or why not to install it.

Bug and other issues of leaked I747MVLALI2c 4.1.1 Jelly Bean SGH-I747M

This is based from Galaxy S3 advance users reports that has been already tried out installing the leaked I747MVLALI2c 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

  • Constant internet connection loss. I tried plugging in LTE APNs to no avail.
  • I was constantly getting network errors in multiple apps, mainly Google music.
  • Hey guys I keep getting sim card error and it keeps tellling me to reboot.. any ideas?
  • the Allshare Cast Dongle doesn’t appear to be working even though the option now appears in settings…
  • I too am having the problem with the 4G icon. Only 3G and that includes areas i know have LTE coverage. Flashing modems did not make a difference. Also I am not able to use continuous input on the Samsung keyboard. It gives me the option but when I try to use it does not work.
  • Been playing with it this morning and everything seems to work, except my Music Player crashes. Havent seen the flickering screen yet, but havent used it all that much. Other than that things seem snappy, but the phone was fast on ICS too.
  • I have been running LI2c on at&t for the last two days and had the only issue was blue screen flickering which was an easy fix. Check “Disable hardware overlays” in Developer Options. ONce installed, you do need to go into developers options and uncheck Hardware overlays and check force GPU rendering to eliminate the blue screen flash — it is still a leak and not prefect but it is zippy!

I747MVLALI3 second Jelly Bean Leaked for Galaxy S III I747M bugs and other issues

ThisĀ  version I747MVLALI3, as opposed to the leak from I747MVLALI2c. It’s expected to be more stabler than the I747MVLALI2c .

The problem now are as follows:

  • Task Manager unstable. Doesn’t show any active applications.
  • 1) Minor since my phone has been doing this on ICS too, but I seem to lose signal completely from time to time.. Phone even rebooted itself once. I’ll consider it a one-off for now.
    2) Bluetooth connects fine but music player crashes when i am using the bluetooth as a headset with my car. Tried both stock music player and player pro and same thing happens.
    3) Auto Brightness seems to take a bit to kick in.

That’s the common issues about the I747M Jelly bean leaks, but still its more interesting when the final build will be release sooner. So it’s up to you if you want to give it a try just head over at XDA forum.

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