How to Remove Bloatware from HTC One M7

A carrier branded HTC One is very compelling on its new Sense 5 UI but sometimes you  find too many apps that aren’t part of the native Android experience. These pre-installed apps or called carrier bloatwares are sometime  obtrusive to users eye, that’s the reason why maybe other people may prepare an unlocked version to get rid of  these bloatwares. But if you owned a carrier branded HTC One and full of bloats and you couldn’t find its usefulness, you can easily uninstall it. Some bloatwares aren’t that much crap as some of you might think  but others are something very useful too, just like the AT&T’s pre-installed apps called “AT&T Family Map” that allows owners for keeping track of family members.


So, if you decide to remove bloatwares from your HTC One here’s how to do it.

You need to have your device rooted first, to root the HTC One M7, you need to unlocked it’s bootloader first, then install any custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP, you can easily do it by using the HTC One toolkit.  Simply, grab the toolkit and follow instructions.  Once your HTC one has root, you can then install a bloatware un-installer apps from Play Store such as Titanium Backup. Before you uninstall any bloatwares, do a nandroid backup first in CWM Recovery. Then backup the apps and uninstall them using Titanium Backup. Just be careful to uninstall any apps, for there might be certain app that might related to Sense or Android system that might result to adverse effect of your device performance. Only 3rd party system apps that you don’t use most often or don’t like it,  are the ones generally safe to remove. If you’re unsure about uninstalling an apps, there’s an option that you can only freeze it.

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