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Fix Bricked Galaxy Note N7000, Unbrick and Recovery Guide

Here’s how resolved your bricked Samsung Galaxy Note Gt-N7000 if you messed up something while  installing modified firmware or rom, and rooting with a wrong root kernel. Once bricked, your device can no longer function and this solution might help you out especially if your Galaxy Note is already out of warranty and then spend a hard coughing cost to the service center for fix.

Now, here’s what we need – as long as you can still access your Galaxy Note’s  Download Mode screen, then there’s a chance that this method works, so just give it a try.  A ‘bricked’ is caused by an already corrupted firmware from your phone’s system. It will not boot normally.  So, we need to install back its original firmware by means of flashing using odin downloader tool, that’s why need to have the phone’s download mode access or otherwise this unbrick method will not help you fix your Galaxy Note.

Symptoms of bricked Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000 International)

Here’s a couple issues you might be facing by now and wonder how to resolve it.

1. The phone boot and shows the Samsung screen for a split second and then it automatically turns off or somewhere just stuck or hangs on these following boot screen ‘Samsung’ logo.

2.  It won’t  Power ON but it just shows the odin download screen with yellow triangle and firmware update warning.
3. The phone keeps on restarting (with vibrations) after the Samsung logo appears.

–  It can be recovered if you can still access your Galaxy Note Download Mode screen –  (Pressing VOLUME Down + HOME + POWER button). Try to press that button combination. If you can access the download mode option, then your seemingly quite lucky for  there’s a chance that you can recover it by yourself.

Hard-bricked – refers to the phone as totally jammed, unresponsive or no visible signs of life. It doesn’t show anything, can’t access the download mode screen. The only solution for this is by called JTAG flashing, which is forcing to install the firmware back to the phone. The process is not too easy, this includes disassembling the phone, some soldering required and flashing by means of using a flashing device tool.

– So this method means that you cannot save your device all by yourself anymore. If you badly needed  to have your Galaxy S3 back to life, the best way is to bring it back to your dealer. Explain something  that might encourage them to have your Galaxy Note fix for free or have an exchange for warranty.

How to Fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Flashing with original firmware or stock ROM

Grab Odin flasher and USB driver
Odin flasher – Odin3_v1.85 or Odin3_v3.07
USB Driver –  USB Driver

Grab your Galaxy Note original stock ROM from here. (Just make sure you download the right firmware according to your device country or network provider.

Use PC with Windows OS (Odin will not work on Mac and Linux OSX)
Recharge your battery using external battery charger since you can’t recharge the battery within the phone for it is already bricked.

1. Run Odin on your PC desktop
2. Boot the Galaxy Note  into download mode screen.
Turn it off, once completely shut down  hold down the ‘HOME’ + ‘VOLUME DOWN’ buttons and press the ‘POWER’ button for about 2 seconds until a WARNING! Screen appears. Press the ‘VOLUME UP’ button to continue or enter Download Mode.
3. Connect the phone to PC via USB. Then make sure you can see as phone “Added” in Odin log box or a highlighted COM:ID once the device is detected,
4. In Odin window, DO Not tick ‘RE-Partition’  only Tick ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ and nothing else.
5. Now simply click and load the boot image N7000xxxx.tar.md5 on Odin’s PDA button.
Here’s an example using my UK ICS 4.0.4 unbranded stock ROM:

6. Click on “Start” to flash the stock firmware.
7. Wait ’till it finishes flashing

If the phone will then reboot to its normal mode then its you’re lucky day. If the bricked symptoms still persists, refer to the below method. Don’t lose hope we are not finish yet.

Fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) Flashing with PIT file for System Table Re-Partition and the Original stock ROM or Firmware.

Now, if the phone still doesn’t boot to its normal mode after restoring the original stock ROM, this time we are going to flash its full packaged firmware but we need to try fixing the phone’s system memory Re-Partition table.  So, we need to  flash including the “PIT” file as our last attempt.
Grab one of these Re-Partion “PIT” file
32GB – I do not have a 32GB Pit (If you found one, please share it to me)

Again make sure the battery is fully charge (recharge the battery using external battery charger or borrow from your neighbors GNote)
1. Unzipped the downloaded “Q1-20110914_16GB.pit.rar” file then run Odin again.
2. Boot the Galaxy Note  into download mode screen then connect to PC.
3. This time load the Q1-20110914_16GB.pit Pit file on Odin’s PIT Button

4. Load your original N7000xxxx.tar.md5 stock firmware on the Odin’s PDA button again.
6. Click on “Start” to flash the stock firmware and PIT file., then wait.

If the phone reboot normally, its then a success story. You may then perform factory reset if necessary, to get rid of  bootloop, stuck on welcome screen logo issues.

– Turn off the phone and set it into recovery mode
– Press volume “volume up, home and power buttons”
– Once in recovery mode, perform full wipe
– Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’

If the problem still exist, then there’s nothing I can add more but just recommend you to contact or visit your nearest service center to get it fix. By the way, I can guide you about JTAG, but it requires a heck of tearing down the phone completely, a JTAG flashing toolkit and soldering skills. So, I guess its not applicable to share to everybody,.  Its a technician job already.

So, congratulations to those who successfully fix their Galaxy note by this method and feel so sorry to those unlikely out of luck today. Next time be careful while modifying your precious Galaxy Note. Nobody stopping you from doing it, but extra precaution is much better safe than sorry.

54 thoughts on “Fix Bricked Galaxy Note N7000, Unbrick and Recovery Guide”

  1. Thankyou thankyou v.much my dad got me a note couple a days ago and due to a foolish
    act got it bricked. Your guide is v.v.much helpful

    1. I did a very similar reboot the a couple of days ago. My device was superbricked after trying to reinstall stock ics 4.0.4. I used odin 1.85 to install pit file for 16gb galaxy note n7000 and used the leaked 4.1.2 jellybean firmware and got my device back working. However. Takes longer to boot up than normal and battery drain is pretty heavy compared to how it was before my device was bricked. And the last 2 nights I have put my phone on charge over night and woke up too my phone being switched off. But when I turn it on it is fully charged. Just annoying.

    2. I had put my phone on charge my phone being switched off. But when I turn it on it is fully charged. did you find any solulition for it

  2. Stuck on

    File Analysis..
    Set up connection..
    Get PIT for Mapping..
    Firmware update Start..

    Nothing happen on my phone…

  3. If your note bricked.put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and after that press down key and connect to the compu keep holding the down bottom.note should come in doawnload mode.

  4. hi, i got my n7000 soft bricked. it hangs on samsung note scree. i think the pit file would help but i m not sure if the pit file would work for a stock jelly bean n7000dxlse dxls8. i accidentally tick re-partition when i odin one of philz tar file.

    please help. i love my n7000.

  5. Thanks a lot mate ! It indeed my lucky day, to get my phone back and working. One hell of a lesson to not go to any android forum and follow it blindly. Most of it are vaguely written

  6. OMFG you saved me. Even when I was stuck in the boot loop, and I was like “its over” – you even had instructions to save me from that. Legend. Absolute Legend.

  7. this doesn’t work for me. it fails every time. Not sure what is wrong with it but i want it back to factory. when i first had the issue, when turning on the phone it only booted to the Samsung Galaxy Note display with a “!” in a yellow triangle.

    Please Help

    1. The question is, what ROM, kernel did you use before the bricks appear? Try to perform full wipe data then flash again… You need at-least flash the boot.img file where you can find inside the ROM/firmware packaged for it handles booting process.

  8. Thanks a lot for this very useful instruction! I got my note working now with just the 1st try.
    Btw, I would assume that my phone is not rooted anymore right? I can update my phone to the latest firmware anytime right? Sorry, Im not really a tech person, just want to ensure I’m doing the right thing now…also to know whether I can delete the root checker and other root-related files in my phone safely. Bunch of thanks again!

  9. Why is this stuck here like forever? ><
    and when i use odin 3.07 wrote fail!! help me please…

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N7000DXLR5_N7000OLBLR2_N7000DXLR1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

  10. my samsung note gt n7000 was bricked. I don’t know why! I have fixed it by Odin3. Now it works OK. I am pleased with it but I have lost all my apps! arrrh…. I have to re-install apps again, sighs!
    many thanks again 🙂

  11. hey i have got problem with my galaxy s2 i9100

    it won’t reboot, just stops at the loading screen with the yellow triangle. only i can do in download mode but cant in recovery-… i havce flashed many time stock rom but nothing please help..

  12. Hi I made a mistake in unbricking my phone. I forgot to include step 3 because I was so eager to fix my phone. And when I press start it pass the pit and then I cannot open my n7000 anymore but I can still hear some sounds from P.C indicating that my P.C can still detect my phone. I cannot go into download mode nor open my phone please help. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

    1. What did you mean you are bricked when you are trying to fix the already bricked device? On step 3 you cannot flash the firmware though when the device wasn’t detected with Odin.

  13. Thanks pal my phone got alive again after one week from your suggestion…
    great god bless you and gives all success…

  14. My phone (GT-N7000) got soft bricked when trying to auto upgrade to jelly beans… first it did number of downloads (automatically via wifi) & installs and brought my phone to jelly beans I guess 4.1.2… performance became bad almost no app was working… then from phone settings I checked for update and it suggested one more I downloaded and installed but never came back from install and stays at ‘Samsung” logo…
    I have no data backup whatsoever… now if I flash stock ROM, will my data still be available… my phone was never rooted.. if I have to then in this situation how can I take backup from bricked phone.


    1. Flashed stock jelly bean 4.1.2 ROM and all including data and apps are back… GOD was kind… 🙂

      thank you and everybody you have provided so much material on the web and those who contributed in ODIN…!!!

      Few points: PASS comes little late in ODIN, before that it said ” RESET”… phone restarted (no I think it went off and I powered on) and stuck at ‘SAMSUNG’ logo again for few minutes, then android logo with things happening in the belly 🙂 … later ‘PASS’ appeared in ODIN… I disconnected, after that phone did not restart but was upgrading all 155 apps I had, and doing some other things for several minutes… so far so good.

  15. I can’t get my phone to connent to my computer when i put it on Download mode.. Can some one please help me?

  16. Hi… i was trying to upgrade my GTN 7000 Samsung to Jelly Bean but it stalled and hp completely bricked. I tried removing the battery and pressing the Vol, Power and tab button many times but nothing happen.
    Could you advice. thank you

  17. Hi! can someone please help me? 🙁 my galaxy note n7000 doesnt open. I am downloading a movie and suddenly fall asleep and when i woke up it doesnt open anymore T___T But this is not about drained battery because my battery is almost 70% And i tried to use another battery, i tried to debug and format my phone but still, it doesnt open. PLEASE HELP ME T___T :'(((((

  18. Is anyone can help what went wrong?!
    It fails.. thanks

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N7000DXLR5_N7000OLBLR2_N7000DXLR1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    1. Hi Ayel.. You got a clear error message “Can’t open serial com port” it means connection issues from computer to phone. Simply check USB data cable connection.

  19. I did first way…all went right,succes…even the phone restarted and started updating apps,but when finished updating apps…it restarted again …and wont start up! i tried both ways…i get (succeed 1 / failed 0) but the phone loops on that android character ,the blue line of progress goes half way…and over and over again! i cant start my phone…pls help ? 🙁

    1. You are almost there.. Try perform Wipe data factory reset in recovery. turn Off the phone then press Volume Down+Home+Power button then select Wipe data factory reset. If bootloops still continues re-flash the stock firmware again.

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