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QPST Repair Tool: Fix IMEI Lost and Roaming ERI on Samsung Galaxy S3 (U.S and Canada)

If you’ve been done enough some modding of your Samsung Galaxy S3, like installing custom ROM from one to another then suddenly discovered that you are hit the IMEI lost issues happening recently.┬áThis is reportedly affect on U.S and Canadian variants – AT&T I747, T-mobile T999, Verizon I535, Sprint L710, Rogers, Bell, Telus and Sakstel I747M.

Once your Galaxy S3 IMEI number is gone, your carrier network provider would not provide service to your device, even after getting a new SIM card you still don’t get any signal data.
The IMEI is a 15-digit number under your device battery. Dialing *#06# should display the same number under your battery. If you get a different number or something like 0 / 00, you have corrupted your IMEI. Your network identifies your phone by its IMEI, when it’s gone you will definitely screwed up in getting network connection or so-called Roaming ERI issues.

How to fix IMEI lost?
If you’re IMEI already gone, you can still fix it by these IMEI repair tools provided by XDA-Developers geniuses. These tools will help you recover your lost IMEI and the restores it. Just follow the step by step guide and then you’re Samsung Galaxy S3 lost IMEI should bring back working fine.

Fix and restore IMEI AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-I747/M

For the SGH-I747/M variants you can grab the IMEI fix tool and follow the step by step procedure here: Prepared by Peoplearmy (XDA-developer senior member)

Fix and restore IMEI Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I535

For Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535, read and follow this procedures prepared by amoamare (XDA-developer senior member)

That’s it! Hope this will help to those user’s who screwed up missing the IMEI number on their precious Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  1. I have a Note 2 L900 thats stuck in roaming mode, can someone help ?? I tried resetting with no luck… thank you

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