OTA Update I747UCUFNJ1 4.4.2 on AT&T Galaxy S3 I747, Bringing System Enhancement

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 also receives the Android 4.4.2 OTA update that brings the device baseband version to I747UCUFNJ1 and build number to KOT49H.I747UCUFNJ1. The update is much likely similar to the Galaxy Note 2’s change log details that only includes the Android OS Enhancements. Looking at the file size of 69MB and the given changelog of the I747UCUFNJ1 4.4.2 OTA update, which is likely a small incremental OTA update that brings security patches to the previous I747UCUFNE4 4.4.2 update that came out on June.

Here goes the technical details of I747UCUFNJ1 4.4.2;

  1. The following information displays:
    • Android version: 4.4.2
    • Baseband version: I747UCUFNJ1
    • Kernel version: 3.4.0-1514807 dpi@SWDD6208  #1  Wed Oct 1 21:09:24 KST 2014
    • Build number: KOT49H.I747UCUFNJ1
    • File size: 69MB

The new 4.4.2 software update I747UCUFNJ1 update is only available via OTA (over-the-air) and has started rolling out in stages. Some lucky owners will received it first while others may need to wait for their turn as software updates as we knew it is released in stages. To received the 4.4.2 update just ensure that your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 wasn’t rooted and should still running on official 4.4.2 I747UCUFNE4. You may just simply hit your device Settings>>tap About Phone>>Check for update.

In addition, some reports from those with rooted Galaxy S3 I747 at XDA-Developers suggesting that the I747UCUFNJ1 OTA update will result into soft-bricks. Once took the OTA update if the phone is still rooted it won’t boot past the Samsung logo screen and just goes into a black screen. So better watch out for that and you might fully unroot your Galaxy S3 first before accepting the OTA update.

Apparently, there is a I747UCUFNJ1 OTA update zip file that can be flashable via recovery. This method might help to those who got a rooted phone and wants to install the official UCUFNJ1 4.4.2 update. You can find it here, just make sure to read the whole process from the top to bottom before plunging in.

Source: [http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB415621#fbid=oYkeyFcvbcT]

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