I317UCAMH3 AT&T galaxy note2 update

New OTA update I317UCAMH3 on AT&T Galaxy Note II SGH-I317 with No Changelog

What a pleasant surprise OTA update has came around from AT&T to all of their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 costumers with the software update build version I317UCAMH3. As an Android owners I will be more happier to received an update and too excited and can’t even wait to see about what’s new on this update. But how about you when you received a new software update that do nothing and doesn’t do anything or without any noticeable changes? Well, this is really happening right now, AT&T has launch the new software update I317UCAMH3 without giving any information about any changes or whatsoever.

Our fellas at XDA-developers has had also began receiving the said I317UCAMH3 update that weighs around 165MB in size and reported that it has no new interesting features added and  really does nothing, seriously as they told.  The said update still bundled in Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) same as the older firmware build versions.

I317UCAMH3 AT&T galaxy note2 update

Here’s the info:
Android version 4.1.2
se.infra@R0210-04 #1
SMP PREEMPT Tue Aug 20 10:32:09 KST 2013

The I317UCAMH3 is said now live over-the-air. So if you haven’t received any notification yet and wants to update to this build version just simply hit your Galaxy Note2 –  Settings > About device> Software update > Check for Updates.  No one knows that there might be some hidden features included on this update and you are the first one can discover it.

sources: XDA

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