Nokia Lumia 1020  Cyan update

Nokia announces Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan update for Lumia 1020 devices

Nokia has finally confirmed recently that Lumia devices have already started to get an update with Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan.  Though it’s not clear yet if roll-out includes all parts of Canada, Nokia Canada makes it clear via Twitter that update can be already accessed to all Lumia 1020 users. This announcement somehow gives users assurance that updates will be available  in all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in a few weeks.

Nokia Lumia 1020  Cyan update

But if you are one of those who cannot anymore wait for further announcements of this update’s availability, you may personally check for it by navigating to Settings> Phone Update, as the official roll-out schedule is currently ‘under testing’ for individual Lumia device on all Canadian carriers. Nokia informs users that the latter will encounter two installment stages once they attempt to have an update, the entire process taking up from one to two hours.

As one of the components of Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1, Cyan is created especially for Lumia devices. Lumia-specific apps such as Nokia Camera, Creative Studio, and Device Hub can be offered enhancements through Cyan update.

Source: Nokia Canada via Mobilesyrup

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