Moto X unlocking bootloader

Moto X Bootloader Unlock Now Available Says Motorola

Motorola has now open its doors for Moto X unlock bootloader program. The Moto X was launched with a locked bootloader, and there are some expectations that this could not be a friendly phone for developers.  But recently Motorola has added the Moto X as one of their unlockable devices,  this is a good news for android community that only wanted is making a  full control on their Moto X for further customization, such as dealing with custom ROM from developers. Personal customization and development is one of the best part why some people loved android devices, and they’ll more happy to choose or buy those devices that comes with unlockable bootloader .  However, unlocking bootloader voids the phones warranty, that is why it is not as often recommended between manufacturers and some of carrier providers,  just in order to get rid of owners from messing up their phones.  But there also other buyers that are ready to give-up this privileges, and this one of the solution how manufacturers and carrier providers legally allowed this method.

Moto X unlocking bootloader

Moto X unlocking bootloader is now available for US variants, including T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular Moto X, but there is no unlock bootloader offers on some of the carriers such as AT&T and Verizon’s Moto X versions, sorry folks for now. Canadian variants are also included on the list, like the Moto X sold by Rogers and Latin American region are also included. Some reports told that Verizon Wireless will offer a Developer Edition and Motorola will also launch a general Moto X Developer Edition in North America.

So, anybody wants to unlock their Moto X  bootloader now?  Just make sure to hit that Motorola Moto X bootloader unlocking page for further details.


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