Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update

Leaked Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMK4 for Galaxy Note 2, KNOX Included

Another Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) firmware with build number N7100XXUEMK4 has surfaced for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 international variants (GT-N7100)GT-N7100. We have no idea to when the official 4.3 update to arrived since this is now the second leaked firmware we have seen next to the first leaked n7100XXUEMJ5 last month. This MK4 firmware points out to be a test build for Indian Galaxy Note 2 versions, and this is much likely similar to the previous MJ5 as being referred to be for Asian countries. So for those who want to give a try, you can actually grab the MK4 Android 4.3 firmware file from source link below.  Just make sure to learn more about this particular firmware build for there are some risk involved using a beta or test firmware builds.

Beware of the the KNOX Warranty void flag included on Android 4.3

Few among Galaxy Note 2 advanced users has been alarmed for the 4.3 update because it is equipped or includes with a new security  apps so-called Samsung KNOX that somehow triggers warranty void flag. Those who have been into using customized ROMs or any custom recoveries and root kernels has now a limited access once installed the said  4.3 firmware. Tripping the KNOX warranty void flag is extremely risky for those who are keeping their device warranty period. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has around 12 to 24 months of service warranty upon purchased depending on country and carrier providers.

Additional Tips:
Once you installed a 4.3 firmware on your Galaxy Note 2, you should now avoid installing custom recovery, rooting, downgrade to lower Android version to keep your warranty void counter stays in official status.

Source: XDA-developers

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