L900VPUCNE2 Sprint note 2 kitkat update

L900VPUCNE2 Stock OTA Update 4.4.2 KitKat for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900

Here it goes the stock L900VPUCNE2 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update firmware for the  Sprint Galaxy Note II SPH-L900. The stock OTA update 4.4.2 L900VPUCNE2 is only for those who has rooted or modified  Sprint Galaxy Note II devices that might had troubled getting the OTA update as the update will not allow you to install as long as your devices has been through a lot of modification. The L900VPUCNE2 is the official 4.4.2 KitKat update that has recently rolled out by Sprint, and those who might have root will not enjoy the new features of the KitKat OS. So if you might want to have KitKat experience based on official update then your last resort is to manually install the L900VPUCNE2 4.4.2 OTA update firmware. This is the same thing that has been rolled out over-the-air, but as I said as long as you have your Galaxy Note 2 rooted you’ll only get the software update failure messages.

USER_L900_SPT_MK4_to_NE2_Update_FWD.zip (thank’s to  bhint15 from XDA- Developers) another download link is here docs.google.com.

L900VPUCNE2 Sprint note 2 kitkat stock firmware

Flashing the stock OTA 4.4.2 L900VPUCNE2

You should restore back your Galaxy Note 2 to the a 100% pure stock 4.3 L900VPUBMK4 if your device has been modified. You can grab the original stock firmware here and then flash it via Odin.  If you are running on  custom recovery, you may try to flash the 4.3 MK4 stock  recovery  (stock Recovery for 4.3 MK4). You need the stock recovery so you can manually flashed the stock L900VPUCNE2 OTA 4.4.2.

Once you have the above requirements, then simply flash the stock L900VPUCNE2 OTA 4.4.2 in recovery. Doing that is simply copy the downloaded stock L900VPUCNE2, then turn off your Galaxy Note 2, next press and hold the volume up, home and power button so it brings you into a recovery mode screen. Select  install update from SD card, then locate the file from your SD card then select install. Reboot your Galaxy Note 2 and then verify if you have the KitKat update running on your device.

Source: XDA-Developers

12 thoughts on “L900VPUCNE2 Stock OTA Update 4.4.2 KitKat for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900”

    1. Use Odin to flash the stock recovery, then once you have the stock recovery running, put the OTA update firmware on your SD card.
      Reboot in recovery (Volume Up+Home+Power) buttons, then select “Apply update from SD card”, locate the OTA update firmware then select “Install”.

  1. Hi. Can i do this update with odin? The only way i can update is with odin. If i do it with recovery i will lose the flash. Im flash to boost mobile. Im using a note 2 from sprint. Thanks for your help

  2. I flashed the stock recovery, I copied the contents of the above OTA update but when browsing SD card all that I can select are folders. There’s no file/package for me to highlight to install. The folders I have are /meta-inf/ , patch/ , recovery/ , and system/. In Windows, I see a file tz.img but the recovery menu won’t let me select that.

  3. Hi, I am flashed to Boost as well, rooted and custom recovery.

    several questions,

    1. Is there a rooted 4.4.2 available?

    2. What methods can I use to flash, and will either kill the Boost flash?

    3. Would I have to update this to 4.3 to be able to install 4.4.2? Or is JB 4.1.2 ok?

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