iphone 5S vs galaxy s4 lg g2 xperia Z1

iPhone 5S Specs BattleVS GALAXY S4, XPERIA Z1 and LG G2

As the new iPhone 5S being introduced by Apple, and being of millions of Android enthusiast I particularly want to raise my eyebrows and asked to my mind “how good is this new Apple iPhone 5S against the latest Android high-end devices?”. Do this new iPhone 5S could really knock-off other manufacturers devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Xperia Z1 and the LG G2.

So, I began lurking around to look for somebody whose got the iPhone5S at hand and maybe could make a comparison to either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Xperia Z1, but unfortunately, to my surprise these folks from [Androidpit.com] has got into a spec-to-spec comparison between the new iPhone 5S against three Android devices from different manufacturers – the GALAXY S4 from Samsung, XPERIA Z1 from Sony and LG G2 from LG, sorry for HTC users maybe just until another time.
So, here’s what they found out in a initial review manner.
iphone 5S vs galaxy s4 lg g2 xperia Z1

Stephan has the new products from Apple yesterday lit critical , the active participation in the comments proves the militancy of the whole topic. But what is with the hardware? Our specs comparison shows where Apple has the edge and where the Android devices perform better.

The iPhone 5S stands out in three areas: It is the smallest and lightest smartphone, has a 64-bit processor ( next year it is available for Android, the first 64-bit chip type ) and a fingerprint sensor. That was it but even. On the other side are at the top android NFC chips mentioned above, larger, higher resolution displays and more powerful batteries. Also the ac-speed wireless standard supports not only the iPhone. There are also special features such as the water-tightness of the Z1 or the optical image stabilizer in G2.

During the presentation, Apple has placed a heavy emphasis on camera. Technically, this is also inferior to Android smartphones, but the photos of the iPhone cameras in the past proven to be very good for regular smartphone standards. So here it comes down to a practical test.

All in all, in this comparison, a well-known picture: Technically, Apple hangs behind the competition, but demands for exorbitant prices – € 899 for the 64 GB version of the iPhone 5S is already a strong piece. But we also know that a mere look at the technical data does not always tell the whole truth, and Apple had never needed to entice its customers with swanky processors and huge screens. Clever marketing and a perfectly coordinated interaction between hardware and software do it. And since Apple is not – yet – undefeated.

In your personal opinion, what can you say about the iPhone 5S for this time being? Make sure to head-over the source below to see the hardware specs comparison table between iPhone 5S versus the Galaxy S4, LG G2 and Xperia Z1.

via Androidpit

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