Google nexus 10 android 4.3 update

Install Nexus 10 Sideload Update to JWR66V (4.3) from JDQ39

Perhaps for those who can’t wait the OTA update 4.3 on their Google Nexus 10 devices,  the Android Central forums actually has an ADB sideload OTA JWR66V (4.3) file, and this is for those of you who don’t want to wipe. As many of you already knows that the 4.3 has rolled out on Nexus 4, Nexus 7 , the Galaxy Nexus and of course for Nexus 10., but unfortunately it is not being pushed to 100% on the very first day. So, this one at-least will stop you from hitting that ‘check now’ button after every 5 minutes just to grab that 4.3 update.

The ADB sideload can be found here. Clearing the “Google services framework” will also work and you’ll get the 4.3 update which around 160.3mb to download, according to XDA-developers fellas.

Settings > Apps > All > Google Framework Services > Clear Data > Force Stop > Settings > About phone > System updates > Check now

Google nexus 10 android 4.3 update
Screenshot: Nexus 10 JWR66V 4.3 software update.

I tried the Google framework clear last night about 20 times and my system was up to date. Tried it this morning and on third try got the 4.3 update. 160.3mb download. I am on the East coast of the US by the way. Installing right now so not sure what will happen with the Google account stuff. For those of you who got the OTA, did you lose root? I know my phone was a pain to get root back.

via XDA

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