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Android 4.3 I747UCUEMJ2 AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 Leak Firmware, Root Also Available

AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 has now got the Android 4.3 leak firmware in the form of build number I747UCUEMJ2. Though there are some documents that recently leaked showing that AT&T Galaxy S3 users are going to receive the Android 4.3 update as dated with a release schedule on November 24, including the Galaxy S4  on November 13 and Galaxy Note 2 on November 28.  But as long as there are no official announcement from the folks at AT&T,  the release schedules is just a piece of document you can’t rely on.  Yes, it’s coming really soon,  but for now let’s take a look inside this leaked Android 4.3 firmware build UCUEMJ2 that came out too early.

This leaked firmware I747UCUEMJ2 is brought to us by (@designgears) and according to him that this is 4.3 is equipped with SELinux and KNOX security suite just like found on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and international Samsung Galaxy S4 recent 4.3 updates. Aside from having all 4.3 stuff,  the Galaxy Gear functionality which only found from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has also now included to Galaxy S3 and among other older devices that are going to receive this Android 4.3 updates.

Those who might wanna take the plunge, you can grab the stock I747UCUEMJ2 from XDA-developers source link below.

Device Name: Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-I747)
Carrier: AT&T
Firmware Build: I747UCUEMJ2
Version: Android 4.3
Build Date: October 5, 2013
Changelist: 1804024
Download stock via XDA original thread.

I747UCUEMJ2 AT&T Galaxy S3 4.3 stock ROM firmware build

There are also some more added stock ROM tweaks in a separate versions for everyone’s liking.

  • No root, KNOX enabled & SELinux enabled (Enforcing)
  • Root, KNOX removed & SELinux disabled (Permissive)

Grab it from here original-thread, thank’s to (@loserskater).

Again, this is not an official Android 4.3 update firmware yet. You should abide the rules how leak firmware works and this is for advanced users only. Some bug might still present so you better check it out first if it’s really worth it to install. The official update is coming very soon, if it’s not the same build as the I747UCUEMJ2, or it might be I747UCUEMJ3, MJ4, MJ5, MJ6 to MJ8 instead.

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