Install CWM ClockworkMod Recovery on Sprint LG Optimus G E970

The Clockwork Mod Recovery is now also made available for Sprint LG Optimus G E970. I knew its been too early  since there is no available custom ROMs yet for this device but some devs already acknowledge that some cooking are now ongoing. XDA Senior Member thecubed now already came up with ClockworkMod Recovery version. This is a non-touch recovery and that allows LG Optimus G users to make full control out of their devices by means of installing custom ROMs, rooting, fixing bricks, back up and restore data and more.

What is CWM Recovery?
This is a “recovery” for your phone, it allows you to install custom ROMs, back up your phone, fix it when it breaks, and much more.

This specific version is “ClockworkMod”, which was created by the CyanogenMod team and Koush.
There are many recovery versions out there, I have picked ClockworkMod because it is very easy to compile and debug.
I will compile other recoveries as time permits.


Note: this is a “tethered” build of CWM, as you can not flash it. You must use fastboot to boot the image every time you wish to enter recovery.
This is due to the locked bootloader on this device.

This will not allow you to install a custom ROM just yet, and please don’t ask for custom ROM dates yet. I’m working on it…


This is *not* safe, and should *not* be done by anyone unsure of what they are doing.
I will post links once I have ironed out bugs, but I WILL NOT SUPPORT anyone using it to modify their phone.

Please don’t use this if you don’t know how to LGNPST your phone back from the dead, should you accidentally kill it.

Video of Sprint LG Optimus G with successfully installed a ClockworkMod Recovery

Where to  get it?

Please go here at XDA-thread and follow the entire procedure on how to install this on Sprint LG Optimus G.

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