Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 Jelly bean update

I9505XXUEMK8 Android 4.3 Update for Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505

Another Android 4.3 firmware update with build number I9505XXUEMK8 for Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505). This is the fourth Android 4.3 for unbranded Galaxy S4 released in Europe countries next to previous build numbers I9505XXUEMJ5, I9505XXUEMJ7, I9505XXUEMJ8. The MK8 is currently hitting in Germany so far and might arrived soon to the rest of  European regions. Since there are some sort of issues concerning the previous MJ5 and MJ7  releases, lets hope that this time around it could fix some issues so that  everyone could have a much stable Android 4.3 on their Galaxy S4 I9505.

The changelog of the ‘MK8’ build is much higher now compared to previous released. Below are the Android 4.3 updates that has been rolled out over Europe countries.

Baseband: I9505XXUEMK8
Changelist: 2082040
Build date: 19 Nov 2013
Baseband: I9505XXUEMJ8
Changelist: 1869009
Build date: 22 Oct 2013
Baseband: I9505XXUEMJ7
Changelist: 1765174
Build date: 15 Oct 2013
Baseband: I9505XXUEMJ5
Changelist: 1869009
Build date: 9 Oct 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 Jelly bean update

Again, this update is still fresh as we speak, and it is now live via Samsung Kies server which of-course users of Galaxy S4 I9505 in Germany will get it first. But you may also keep an eye of it via Kies by connecting your Galaxy S4 to your computer and simply run Kies to check for the availability of this update.

We will try to gather some new information about how this MK8 update now performs, but if you already received this update you can also do share to us how it performs in your Galaxy S4 phones.


4 thoughts on “I9505XXUEMK8 Android 4.3 Update for Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505”

  1. Hello,
    If I want to update my S4 via “Kies” how much would be the firmware size?
    Because I’ve try to update it via kies, but it does not shown the “download size”. Is it over 1 GB? or less? it is important to me. If you know please let me know. I am currently at android 4.3 XXUEMJ6.

  2. i recieve the update through kies but i`m a bit confuged because the changelog is in itallian. does this mean that my system is going to be itallian?

    1. Nup, just only the language and text inputs but you can manually change it once you received the update through Settings>>Language and Text.

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