HTC One goes one-on-one comparison vs iPhone 5S

HTC has released a standout documents confronting  iPhone 5S  amongst HTC’s most competitive Android smartphones around at this time is the HTC One.  The HTC One against iPhone 5S is a documentation that encourage consumer’s attention from the high-end Android market to ‘Why Switch to HTC Smartphones’.  The detailed documents showed the specs comparison between two phones specs rivalry so-called the HTC One one-on-one vs iPhone 5S.  Though, the entire classification doesn’t show the precise cost-value since the HTC One has been out for a while now compared to the iPhone 5S which is still  new.

Among all other stuff , including the processors, storage capacity, and more,  are also not included as a whole in this comparison review from HTC itself.   The HTC One has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, quad-center, 1.7ghz processor with 2gb Ddr2 RAM. While  Apple  has stick with its A7 and M7 combo is in the same class as Apple intruduced on iPhone 5S.

htc one vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s vs HTC One screen, display resolution  comparison:

iPhone 5S HTC One® Consumer Benefits
Display 4-inch 4.7-inch Better viewing of photos, videos, movies and more.
Resolution/PPI 1136 x 640
1920 x 1080
In general, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image.

The iphone 5s is equipped with a 4-inch LED-illuminated IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, with 640 x 1136 pixels, giving it 326 ppi. While the HTC One has a 4.7-inch, Super Lcd3 capacitive touch screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels which works out at 469 ppi (pixels for every inch). HTC emphasized that consumers will benefit the larger screen size and higher resolutions, to a better viewing of photos, videos, movies in a sharper images.

iPhone 5s vs HTC One screen, display resolution  comparison:

iPhone 5S HTC One® Consumer Benefits
Camera 8 MP
1.5 micron pixels
UltraPixel Sensor
2.0 micron pixels
Larger pixel size provide better low light performance.
Slow motion video 120 frames per second 96 frames per second The more frames captured gives a truer depiction of slow motion.
Flash True Tone Flash Smart Flash Flashes can allow you to take pictures in low light environments you might not be able to use otherwise, and can change your shot, both for better or worse.
Modes Burst Mode – 10 fps High speed
Continuous Shooting – 8 fps
Better action shooting, useful for settings such as sports.
Front-facing camera 1.2 MP 2.1 MP
Ultra wide angle lens (88 degree viewing angle)
A front-facing camera with more megapixels generally produces more detailed “selfies”, group shots and video call images.
Photo viewing Photo App: Moments, Collections, and Years — smart groupings of photos and videos based on time and place. HTC Gallery: Live gallery of pictures and videos based on events, albums and photos. Videos and still images in one place, grouped by album or event. Easy and more enjoyable way to view your pictures.

The two smartphones camera features is pretty intense on this battle. The 8mp camera on iPhone 5S while HTC One has done away with the megapixel and picked to depict its 4mp camera as a Ultrapixel camera.  The iPhone 5S is now boasted with its new True Tone flash and this simply showed that Apple isn’t  heading backwards in terms of picture clarity with its new flagship smartphone.  The HTC One’s camera can be vouch that it is respectable enough, with its Smart Flash.

You can see all other stuff comparison, including NFC, battery life performance and more via HTC’s website from the source link below.

Source: HTC

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