HTC One Developer Edition Official Android 4.3 OTA Update 3.22.1540.1 Released!

The official Android 4.3 OTA update has began rolling out for HTC One Developer Edition owners. Dubbed with the build number version to 3.22.1540.1 from previous build version 1.29.1540.17.  The Android 4.3 brings the newly improved HTC Sense 5.0  and several new additional features and enhancement for Gallery and Camera.  Some features might also includes like what we have found on HTC One phones, including the new battery charging animation, a  color contrasts improvements in response to a poor quality light issue and  the Video highlights, allowing users  to add their favorite soundtracks to their highlights.

This update has started hitting HTC One developer’s edition in the United States for phones with (model number PN0712000 HTC One) and with CID number (BS_US001), while those from Europe regions with (model number PN0710000) should wait for a while, since the update is in stages, until this released reaches other countries not too long but very soon.

HTC One DE 3.22.1540.1 Ota update firmware

Thank’s to [KiamatDusk], [RsSharKy] and all fellas from XDA.


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