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Restore back HTC One X to its original factory stock firmware

If you ever want and decided to restore back your HTC One X to its original stock ROM or official firmware released by HTC.  Now, if you just realized and already done enough some modding and tweaking your precious phone and  now wonder how to restore it like the way you’ve bought it.

Well, this guide will simply show you a step by step guide on how exactly you return back to the factory stock rom, simple and clean with your HTC One X smartphone.

There are few methods that I’m going to add here, some of these methods which I derived from trusted sources and experts about tweaking HTC One X ROM.

FAQ about HTC One X Stock ROM:

Q: Why and when should I use Stock ROM?
A: This method is only useful for installing back your phone to its original firmware after from the whole modding your device firmware – from any custom ROM, unlocking and rooting and everything like unwanted softbricks and recovery of the device.

Q: Does Flashing will remove all my data stored on the device.
A: Yes! It is highly recommended that you should back-up all your important data stored in the phone’s memory like contacts, SMS, apps, etc. before flashing.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by following this guide. You may proceed at your own risk, your phone is not a toy for us, it is your own personal property, it is up to you to decide on what and how to do about it.

Step 1:

These are the most common things you need to do know first about installing back the HTC One X stock ROM:

1) Fully charge your phone’s battery before anything else.A Power failure may result fatal errors and sometimes wrecked your phone.

2) Reboot the HTC One X in bootloader/fastboot mode.
To Reboot your phone in bootloader mode. Press power and hold it, you will then see the three buttons blinks and the device will shutdown. Release the power button, hold the volume button, the device will boot to bootloader/fastboot mode.

2) Make sure that you identify or knows exactly about your HTC One X previous or original software version.
The very first thing you also need to do is to make sure about your phone’s original firmware version that was previously installed before you’ve done like installing a custom ROM. You can simply identify which version it is before by running the device into “fastboot mode”

a: To get software version
– Go to fastboot and in command line type:

fastboot getvar version-main

Then get the details of your device. An example like this one.

version-main: 1.29.707.12
finished. total time: 0.006s

B: To get the CID version if you have a custom ROM

Sometimes when you have a custom rom, in some reasons you can not update your stock ruu for signature problems  these issue occurs because of the differences between boot, hboot, recovery versions of your phone. To show your CID version reboot in fastboot mode then type this in command line.

fastboot oem readcid

An example of CID versions:
x.xx.61.x – Orange UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.65.x – Orange CH (Switzerland)
x.xx.75.x – Orange ES (Spain)
x.xx.110.x – T-Mobile UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.111.x – T-Mobile DE (Germany)
x.xx.112.x – T-Mobile AT (Austria)
x.xx.114.x – T-Mobile NL (Netherlands)
x.xx.118.x – T-Mobile PL (Poland)
x.xx.161.x – Vodafone UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.166.x – Vodafone CH-DE (Switzerland – Germany)
x.xx.163.x – Vodafone FR (France)
x.xx.169.x – Vodafone AT (Austria)
x.xx.206.x – O2 UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.207.x – O2 DE (Germany)
x.xx.401.x – World Wide English
x.xx.707.x – Asia WWE (World Wide English)
x.xx.720.x – Asia India
x.xx.771.x – Hutchison 3G UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.862.x – Voda-Hutch AU (Australia)
x.xx.980.x – Optus AU (Australia)
x.xx.1400.x – HTC China

Grab the stock ROM RUU files that match with your phone.

Step 3:

Methods for returning back HTC One X to stock ROM from any custom ROM

Method 1

Go to: bootloader / fastboot mode: (refer above guide)

1- flash a stock recovery.img

  • fastboot flash recovery recovery_signed.img
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • fastboot erase cache

2- flash a stock boot.img

  • fastboot flash boot boot_signed.img
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • fastboot erase cache

3- re-lock bootloader

  • fastboot oem lock
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • fastboot erase cache

4- run/doubleclick RUU and follow instructions.

Grab the stock boot.img & recovery from :

install stock rom of your CID-fastboot oem readcid (to know your CID)
-all roms are based on x.xx.401.xx , so you need to download the right RUU(that matches your CID) and extract to cook a stock rom for you
-flash custom stock rom(extracted and cooked from right RUU) on custom recovery
fastboot flash boot c:\boot.img (flash stock kernel that’s inside custom stock rom boot.img file)

  • RElock the bootloader (you can allways unlock)

fastboot oem lock

  • Right RUU file for your CID
  • put your phone on fastboot (it will not boot because you have a custom rom on a locked bootloader)
  • now you can run the RUU exe file and upgrade your phone

Method 2

  • Extract the from RUU of your CID (google how extract ruu.exe)
  • fastboot oem readcid (to know your CID)
  • Extract boot.img, system.img, signed_recovery.img from
  • Flash
  • fastboot flash recovery signed_recovery.img
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • fastboot flash system system.img
  • fastboot erase cache
  • fastboot oem lock
  • Power on the phone
  • Run the RUU exe file (of your CID) and upgrade your phone

Method 3 (like Method 2, but we dont need to flash the system) (thanks to EddyOS)

  • Extract the from RUU of your CID (google how extract ruu.exe)-fastboot oem readcid (to know your CID)
  • Extract boot.img, signed_recovery.img from
  • Flash-fastboot flash recovery signed_recovery.img
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • fastboot oem lock
  • Run the RUU exe file (of your CID) in fastboot modeFlash a ROM and boot image based on 1.26 (e.g ARHD 2.1)
  • Clear fastboot cache Code:
  • fastboot clear cache
  • Boot your phone
  • Charge you phone completely
  • Download stock recovery
  • Flash stock recovery Code:
  • fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img
  • Relock bootloader Code:
  • fastboot oem lock
  • Run your required RUU

credits: ckpv5, vladnosferatu an their sources.

source:XDA and XDA-Developer

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