Galaxy S5 Goes Social Media Campaign, US Carriers now Accepting Pre-orders

As the Galaxy S5 will be hitting stores nearly close, Samsung has started making a huge campaign and introduces this year’s flagship the Galaxy S5 to potential buyers on social networks. According to Samsung on this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Galaxy S5 will be made available beginning on mid-April. While US carriers such as AT&T and US Cellular and Sprint  has opened-up and started accepting pre-orders via online stores, there are also some select stores from where customers can fiddle the Galaxy S5 before it’s official sales-day.

The Galaxy S5 has believed to be the top and the new cutting-edge smartphone,  it’s equipped with a 16MP camera might attracts those folks who loves for taking high quality pictures and videos which can be displayed on  a 5.1″ Full HD Super Amoled screen. The Galaxy S5 is also powered with a Quad Krait 2.5GHz processor basically produce ultrafast UI experience.

The Galaxy S5 comes with new  fingerprint scanner to unlocked the phone, a similarity to iPhone’s fingerprint service, ending the password era on mobile phones. But there are also those unhappy with the Galaxy S5 designs, some critics cited that it wasn’t good enough and highly engineered for it is made of a poly-carbonated plastic glass instead of metal.   What matters most of the Galaxy S5 is it’s durability, it’s also waterproof, improved to a much longer  battery life, lightweight, cosmetically appealing, upgradeable and has longevity, one of the reviewers has told.

What say you about the Galaxy S5? Would you buy this phone?

Source: Samsung Mobile Facebook via Telegraph UK

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