3 thoughts on “How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Stuck at Samsung Logo Screen and Nearly Soft-bricks”

  1. yesssssss! i have solved my problem of Galaxy S4 stuck at Samsung Splash Screen by Factory Data Hard Reset with method 2!

  2. Hello, Thank you for all your advice on how to fix this problem. my problem is that i tried to root my device and now it wont turn on. today it happened when i tried to root my device. to be honest
    it had turned on today and i used it as normal. i deleted kingroot and all its leftover files. i thought it was gonna be fine. i turned it off and put it away. and then i came back to it and turned it on and it was stuck on boot screen when it says samsung with sparkles. back to the point, i was wondering if when i restore my phone to its original firmware will i lose my data? Thanks For The Help – Malachi.

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