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Fix Galaxy S3 stuck at Samsung Logo Splash Screen and Keeps rebooting

Here’s a solution that might useful and guide you how to fix if you  have a Samsung Galaxy S3  that just stuck at Samsung logo splash screen and or just keeps on rebooting or restarting. These problems may sometimes happens if you installed any 3rd-party apps, by means of rooting or installing unofficial ROM. This is users unwanted and undesired common problem that  just happens because of  our curiosity and messed up sometimes. Nobody is stopping us from modding to beautify our devices, it’s our own property anyway.

Just make sure to read the whole procedure below – for each specific Galaxy S3 variants are identical with each other but uses different firmware build versions.
This guide will definitely works  on all Galaxy S3 variants:
U.S Samsung Galaxy SIII
SGH-I747 (AT&T)
SGH-T999 (T-Mobile)
SCH-I535 (Verizon)
SPH-L710 (Sprint) only rare report on this variant
Canada Samsung Galaxy S3
SGH-I747M (Bell,Rogers,Telus)
SGH-T999V (Wind,Mobilicity,Videotron)
International Samsung Galaxy S3
GT-I9300 (International)
GT-I9300T (Australia, New Zealand)

Method 1: Fixing Galaxy S3 stuck at Samsung Splash Screen by Hard Reset

This method only works if you only installed any 3rd-party apps on your device and then phone just stuck on Samsung splash screen and does not reboot further in normal mode, you should try to hard reset first. If you’ve already done this and doesn’t solve the problem proceed to method 2.

Perform Wipe data/factory reset

Note: All your stored data will be lost on the process.

There are three ways you can factory reset your Galaxy S3, but since you cannot access your phone reset settings or the dial pad to enter the reset code for it won’t boot normally right now, this one is the only left option to do a factory reset.

  • Remove your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery, then put it back again after a couple of seconds.
  • Now Press and hold  Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Gently release the buttons once the Logo appears.
  • You will then enter into the system recovery option.
  • Use the volume buttons to toggle up and down
  •  Select wipe data/factory reset. (Use Power button to enter selection)
  • Select Yes — delete all user data.
  • Lastly, select reboot system now.
  • Wait until the phone reboots in normal mode.

If this doesn’t fix the problem continue reading on method2.

Method 2: Fixing Galaxy S3 stuck at Samsung Splash Screen by Restoring Original Firmware

I can see that your device probably experience soft-bricks. Soft-bricks only occurred if you installed a wrong kernels and images from rooting or installing custom ROMs. This problem cannot be easily fix by simple hard reset, it’s because the firmware is already damaged or corrupted and then the device will not been able to boot normally.

Why the heck I said wrong root kernels and images and so on.. that ended up bricking your phone?
Possibly you root it and or installed a custom rom that was built for GT-I9300 (international) on your U.S or Canadian Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747/M, SGH-T999/V, SCH-I535 and SPH-L710). This should not work out,  for each variants has its own specific firmware builds.

See the hardware specification comparison table:

So, in order to fix such problem; You need to fully restore back your Samsung Galaxy S3 official and original firmware. Soft-bricks oftentimes strikes the Bootloader image area of your phone’s operating system, that is why it’s just stuck on Samsung splash screen and  won’t boot in normal mode further.

The first proven and working  method is by restoring a bootloader images unto the device by means of  manual flashing. And then last attempt is to fully re-install back the Galaxy S3 original firmware.
Samsung Galaxy S3 I747, AT-T
Samsung Galaxy S3 T999, T-MO
Samsung Galaxy S3 L710, Sprint
Samsung Galaxy S3 I535, Verizon

For international version Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 and all Canadian version, it can also be repaired by restoring back the original stock firmware. Just find any available original stock firmware according to your device country/provider originated.

If this methods fix your phone, just be cautious in the future and don’t let it happen again. It’s not easy anyway, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy.

However, if those method above doesn’t fix your problem, then there’s nothing I can add here. But, I suggest you – to return back your phone to your dealer and tell something that might encourage them to have your phone fix for free  or have it exchange for a new one.

13 thoughts on “Fix Galaxy S3 stuck at Samsung Logo Splash Screen and Keeps rebooting”

  1. Thank you SOOOO VERY MUCH for your help!! You cannot (or maybe you can) even imagine the anxiety I have been through over my phone. Thinking it was “Bricked” after reading a bunch of other help articles, and knowing that I did NOT and NEVER download third party apps, not knowing what happened to my phone and trying to repair it for two days, now and finding your article which was the one, THE ONLY ONE that helped me and my husband repair my Galaxy S3 without having to send it in and get a ReFurb from T-Mobile. Even though I pay Insurance for my phone and reasons such as this, T-Mobile DOES NOT give you a new phone, EVER. I hate the Refurbished phones, have had terrible luck with them in the past. This was the first Android phone in 8 YEARS Since having the T-Mobile G1, that I truly LOVED my phone and was able to use and understand it in more ways than on other Android phones. I hope this hasn’t ruined my phone for the future. I had it completely protected with an Otterbox Defender too! Well, I thought I was protected.

    I plugged my phone in to charge 3 nights ago and woke up to it pulsating on the word “SAMSUNG”…. and that is where it all began. Your METHOD 1, Neil, after a few tries and giving up for hours and then hubby tying is what saved my Galaxy S3.
    Pam MJJ

  2. I’m looking at laying out a couple hundred bucks for a galaxy s3 doing this, and then fixing it. what do you, Niel, think are the chances it will work. its a steal for a galaxy s3 but only if th fix works. if not its a boat anchor for 200 smackers. I am an electronics tech with over 50 years experience on everything from antique radios that werent antiques when i started, to aircraft radar,optics, navigation systems, tv’s all maner of computers, even car electronics, when needbe, and old cell phones, but smart phones are a new field for me.

  3. I ask because while I’m hppy with a 10 yr old phone that makes calls sends texts and recieves both worldwide, my wife is fascinated wih samsung galaxys, and really really wants one so bad shes willing to accept a vastly inferior chinese knockoff, and for the money, id much rather get a slightly broken real deal and repair it, even at twice the knock off price cause its still only 1/3 the regular samsung price.

    1. Daag,
      The Galaxy 3S are now going for around $50 bux! That’s a steal for what this phone can do. We are getting my Mom-in-Law one, brand new for 49.99. She is already with T-Mobile so no new contract. I think At&T is the same. I read about ALL the new Galaxy 4’s and would LOVE to have the Google Play one, but not for $650. It is all Google and nothing else. no added in Wiz stuff, or whatever, but, if u can spare the $50 or even $75 for a brand new Galaxy 3, I would do it for her. Refurbished phones tend to not last long, I should know. I have had many over the years (12 yrs with T-Mobile and 8 yrs with Android), even with the highest insurance policy, you still pay a $50 fee & I always got a refurb and they all sucked in one way or another. I ended up getting a brand new phone after all, costing more money.
      Hope this helps!!

  4. Please if someone could tell me the boot image for Tmobile SGH-T999 (4.3 JB). I’m stuck with the logo image blinking, and I like to restore my phone to life.

    1. The boot.img is also included and can be found inside the stock firmware. Flashing the full firmware will also flashed the boot.img.

  5. Hello
    I purchased Samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300T in Thailand now it not working on MOBILCITY network , any suggestion?

  6. Do you have like this tutorial for Samsung ch@t qwerty ? Can you make something for me and for other people? I think some people need this too. I really need it. Thanks 🙂

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