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Review: Features and Issues of Jelly Bean Update on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

The Samsung Galaxy S3 handheld device now receives its new official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware update. But some users agreed that it’s not that much of too much very impressive, even Google claims it as the fastest and smoothest version of Android platform yet. The first official Jelly Bean update took place in Poland, then followed in some countries in Europe regions like Sweden, Austria, Spain, France and Romania. Most users expected that its gonna be UK first, like the one happens when the first firmware update rolled out.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Firmware Update

Here’s an initial impression from the first Jelly bean build XXLIB and the XXLIH releases.

Features Added and Improvements

  • Google Now is added on the scene and works perfectly.
  • Widgets drawer can be customize in home screen.
  • Smart keyboard features bigram prediction and correction.
  • New notifications display for SMS and MMS messages.
  • LED indicator setting for “Voice Recording.
  • The Menus opens up twice faster than the ICS.
  • WiFi signal boost is improved.

The multi-view function and gallery features was also expected like the one seen on Samsung Galaxy Note2, yeah it was cool but not present in Galaxy S3.

Bugs and Issues

Some users experiencing of fast battery percentage draining problem and slow on charging capability. Some lags still present when doing multitasking or switching between applications. The brightness control is missing in video player. Some behaviors of pre-installed apps is not performing well, you’ll still experience some lags and slowness every here and there.

My overall rating to this Jelly bean update is not much more fascinating for its not perfectly stable yet. Let’s just wait for another new developments that might be a more stabler and better builds than this.

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