Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra & Droid Mini Official Android 4.4.4 OTA Update Soaked Test Release

If you are advanced users or beta testers of Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra & Droid Mini you might have received the email survey for the 4.4.4 soak test. Usually the soak invite emails or the linked surveys to all who signed-up to be a apart beta testing projects that basically runs in few days, but it wouldn’t take too long if you want to wait the official 4.4.4 KitKat that will came out once the soak test feedback went smoothly.

How the Soak Test affects on rooted, locked or unlocked Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra & Droid Mini?

Here are the few hints from my fella XDA-Developers members if you worry much either if you have a rooted, locked or unlocked

From what they’ve said in the past, it sounds like what happens is that Motorola generates a list of IMEIs that are eligible for the OTA, and then that list is sent to the carrier to actually do it. They’ve also said that once that list is handed off and loaded into whatever system they use to manage the selective OTA release, then doing a factory reset will knock you off of it.

Usually the soak invite emails or the linked surveys say something to the effect of “if you have to wipe or do anything else to get your phone back to a completely stock configuration, do it ASAP, because we can’t give any warning as to when we’ll generate the soak list.”

If you’ve reset before even signing up for the soak, and don’t do it afterwards, then you ought to be in good shape.

Once again, i really hope we get the new dialer and more stable 4glte modem, thats all i want, maybe color correction on camera, thats all. everything else its just perfect.

Would like to clarify my understanding of the update based upon what I’ve read from this thread so far. Assumes a starting point of stock 4.4 (19.6.3) & recovery.

If one has an unlocked bootloader (either dev edition or via Chinese guy) with root access, WP off, and takes the 4.4.4 OTA update, then they will retain root and WP off without needing to take any additional steps. Bootloader will remain unlocked.

If one has a locked bootloader with root access, WP off, and takes the 4.4.4 OTA update, then they will retain root access but lose write access. Existing exploits will not restore write access.

If one has a locked bootloader without root access, WP on, and takes the 4.4.4 OTA update, then everything will be as it was. However, existing exploits will not grant root access.

Changes on Android 4.4.4 KitKat

HTC One M8 4.4.4 KitKat OTA update
In all honesty I haven’t seen much of anything in the way of noticeable differences since the update. Anyone who was disappointed that the dialer is the same and the email app had not been updated.
Battery life is not to worried about as the update seems to have fixed battery life and the phone actually feels a good bit “Snappier”. WiFi connection seems to be a little worse for me (could just be that I’m looking to much into that one). Haven’t played around with Bluetooth or been out yet to test network reliability.

So if anyone have had managed installing the Android 4.4.4 soak test on Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra or Droid Mini, just let us know how’s your first impression about it.

source: forum.xda-developers.com

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