HTC One Developer edition RUU

Download HTC One Developer Edition 4.3 Stock RUU 3.22.1540.1

HTC has just released the US HTC One developer edition stock RUU for Android 4.3 firmware build 3.22.1540.1. This is for those who needs to run the RUU files for manual upgrading, or wanting to restore back the HTC phone to factory stock Android 4.3 from any custom ROM.  This stock RUU is for United States HTC One developers edition with CID ‘BS_US001’ or for those who already converted their ordinary HTC One to developer edition by changing the default CID number to ‘BS_US001’. This stock RUU can be installed if you want to restore back  your HTC One DE to its original stock images, including stock recovery, bootloader, radio, kernel, modem, hboot, etc.

Stock RUU 3.22.1540.1 Download

HTC One Developer edition RUU

Direct link:

Note: Make sure you have the correct CID or with super CID before you can acutually run the RUU,  and of-course your bootloader must locked first.

Once downloaded, simply run the RUU_M7_UL_JB43_SENSE50_MR_BrightstarUS_WWE_3.22.1540.1.exe ,  then just  follow the guide that prompts during the RUU running process.  Then you will have your HTC one devloper edtion restored to stock firmware.

Stock ROM 3.22.1540.1 Fastboot flashable Zip file Download

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The ROM flashable zip file can be flashed directly via fastboot mode through ADB command.  This is the exact same file as of the stock RUU but it has been decrypted, minimizing the use of ROM Update Utility tools.  This can only be flashed with “S-OFF” only HTC One developer edition phones and of-course with the correct CID – BS_US001.

Here’s the code for flashing stock ROM via ADB command;

adb reboot-bootloader
fastboot oem rebootRUU
fastboot flash zip

5 thoughts on “Download HTC One Developer Edition 4.3 Stock RUU 3.22.1540.1”

  1. Hi, I’m using a stock version with android 4.4.2 and htc sense 5.5 but I want ro install the RUU RUU 3.22.1540.1 Developer Edition. but it’s a 4.3 version. I have superCID and my PN is PN0712000. and hoot 1.44.0000 with S-OFF and unlocked via HTCDev.

    Do I need to lock the M7 and/or s-OFF?
    It is possible to instal the RUU even if it is a downgrade?
    Thanks for your kindly help.

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