Downgrade and Roll Back Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113 to 4.1.1 from 4.2.2

If you were dissatisfied with  the latest 4.2.2 update on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P5113 and wants to revert back or roll back from its previous Android 4.1.1 firmware, you can simply do so by installing back the original or official 4.1.1 stock firmware build P5113UEUCLK7 . The new update 4.2.2 build  number P5113UEUCMH2 has been reported causing several issues on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P3113.  If you are one of the owners  that  has experiencing issues or found it not really worth it at all, juts follow our step by step rolling back procedure below.

Some issues on 4.2.2 update that we have gathered from several Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113 owners.

“I was so upset when screen shot was taken away with the new update. I use tablet to keep in contact with family overseas and use screen shot a lot as I have my first Grandchild born overseas and it was so convenient to send information immediately by using screen shot now I don’t know what to do. I found my tablet easy to use and I learnt fast and now it’s like I am back to square one. ‘If it’s not broke don’t fix it’as they say. It has knocked my confidence as I am searching for ways to perform the tasks I used to do with just one touch.
I am so worried to accept updates now I probably won’t know if you change it back. Really frustrated and disappointed”.

“I have experienced the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 not shutting down. I went through the Samsung chat line and was told to request a shipping label and return the device for repairs. I don’t want to do that because there is nothing mechanically wrong with it. This problem started immediately after installing 4.2.2 upgrade. I think Samsung has an obligation to least tell it’s customers that there is a problem. The people I chatted with at Samsung 2 days ago acted like I was the only one with the problem.s able to revert back to v 4.1.1, and my machine is once again running like a charm, and shutting off without having to plug it into the charger and hope it will stay off”.

“I wasn’t aware that a new update was rolling out, so I thought it was a minor one. I absolutely hate it so far. I do not like that the screen shot icon is gone and the notification bar at the top. And the ability to sort apps is missing. Is they are going to change these things, we should at least have the option to customize it. I really can’t find much information about the real changes, other than how “fantastic” it is”.

How to roll back Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113 to 4.1.1


This guide are for those who can’t live with the new 4.2.2 update, but for those who just loved it and it makes no big deal with the current issues or not even experiencing problems. Just wait for the next update and surely Samsung will fix it for good.  But right now until there are no significant answers from Samsung, and you want to give it a fix with your own solution then go ahead.

Disclaimer: Though this method is proven safe but you may use this guide solely at your own risk!

  • Make sure the battery is fully charge.
  • Make a back-up copy of all important files stored from your device, contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, and videos and etc.
  • If you installed Samsung’s Kies software, make sure it is closed and not running on system tray.
  • Use the supplied USB cable of your Galaxy Tab 2, failures during the flashing process are mostly caused by a bad USB cable.

Grab Odin3_v3.07 download link
Install the USB Driver: download link (Skip this if you already installed Kies in your computer)
Download the original 4.1.1 stock firmware  (U.S.A) download link  (North America/Canada) download link

Update: New 4.2.2 OTA update officially came around that might resolves issues on previous P5113UEUCMH2 update. The P5113UEUCMH2 has been pulled by Samsung out and this is the replacement. The new update dubbed with firmware build number P5113UEUCMK3, you may use this one instead of downgrading back to 4.1.1 P5113UECLK7. (USA) download link (Canada) 
download link

Extract or “unzip” the downloaded firmware. Use winzip, 7zip or any decompressing tool in your computer.
Set the Galaxy Tab 2 into Download Mode
Turn it off, then press and hold down the “Power and Volume Right ” buttons at the same time. Press the “Volume Left” to get into download mode. Don’t connect the tablet into the computer yet.
Extract and Run Odin flasher tool.
In Odin’s checkboxes options, DO NOT Check the “Re-Partition” , just leave “Auto-Reboot and F-Reset Time” mark checked.
In Odin, click the PDA button function . Select the P5113UECLK7_Home..tar.md5 file you extracted.
Plug the tablet to PC USB connection. In Odin, under ID:COM will highlight and shows the current com port of your Galaxy Tab 2 connected to. If you don’t see this and Odin doesn’t responds,  it means the device is not connected yet, just try another USB port or USB cable.
Tick the START button.
Wait until it’s finishes flashing.

Once the flashing has finished, the tablet will just then auto-restarts, you’ll go into looping to the blue Samsung logo. Now at that point you need to perform a factory reset, just hold POWER + LEFT volume to enter in recovery mode, then scroll down to get to the wipe data and factory reset option, use the volume keys then hit the power button to execute factory reset. Wait until the tablet reboots and that’s it!

You may then confirm your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 firmware version by hitting Settings>> About Device>> and see if the Android version return back to 4.1.1 or look for the firmware build number should be now on P5113UECLK7.

Now, the 4.2.2 update will still keep bugging you, just make sure to turn-off the software update notification in your tablet’s settings.  For a  while you may stick to 4.1.1, if you found it very stable firmware  build in your device. You may only update then to other 4.2.2 rather than the P5113UEUCMH2.

20 thoughts on “Downgrade and Roll Back Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113 to 4.1.1 from 4.2.2”

  1. Hello! Thanks for this tutorial. Let me ask you a question. I have the gt-p5113, it stock firmware was Android 4.1.1. But I did the update to Android 4.2.2 and the “won´t shut off” problem became to my life. Also, i have the tablet “rooted”. And my doubt is this: Do i have to, first go back to the original android 4.2.2 (unroot the tablet) and just THEN do the downgrade to Android 4.1.1 or I can do the downgrade to Android 4.1.1 straight from the “rooted” version of Android 4.2.2? (Sorry for my english). Bye!!

  2. They call this crap an upgrade? Everything in the wrong place, stuff missing/hiding, system slower, come on! Even the typing is tricky. I don’t want to learn a new os, the previous version was fine ffs. A totally unnecessary and not so clever ‘update’!

  3. Really hated the layout of the new update – made me much less productive and usability was severely impacted! Should have Google’d reviews before I updated. But this tutorial saved the day. Thanks so much for the instructions, worked a treat!

  4. Thank You Perfect just reverted back on My Samsung Tab 2 10.1 back yesterday 11/30/13 everything worked fine. Back to fast again. Northern California Happy Camper.

  5. Stability and performance update for 4.2.2 bricked my TAB! It’s criminal vandalism.
    My Tab also upgraded to 4.2.2 awhile back. Made it pretty useless. Besides not being able to play most any game, the Home button is right under the space bar. I finally got so frustrated I called Samsung and they said an update was being rolled out. What’s strange is my update said it was a “firmware update” and was like 60MB and change. I figured it wouldn’t help much but I got tired of it nagging me to update so I let it run while I took a shower last night. Well… the update BRICKED my tablet. Samsung wants me to send it in (3 week turnaround)
    I tried this process with Odin and it did not work and was resigned to the horrid RMA route. I tried Odin again and SUCCESS! Make sure you turn off automatic “updates” after this process
    Well Now I get to spend a day getting all my apps back (google for some reason just downloads the 10 puny apps I have on my phone for some reason)

  6. Thanks You. The latest (Dec 13) OTA firmware update bricked by Tab. I used this method and “downgraded” to 4.1.1. Only problem I can see so far is Google Search dies on startup 🙁

  7. thanks a lot for this article…but your link for P5113UECLK7_P51­13XARCLK7_XAR.z­ip ( is dead. can you give me another working link….????

  8. the links are down again??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the update ducks. they should be dhot!!!! anyway the last file will not download. any solutions??? can it get it elsewhere. i searched and nothing..

  9. Hello,
    I mistakenly finally agreed to what I thought was going to be a small update…. turned out to be 4.2.2 – Everything is in the wrong place etc. as others have said. I just don’t like it. So I followed another tutorial and installed 4.1.1 version.
    But I’ve found some things wrong. First some of the players are missing. Before there was a google player & a samsung player for everything now just seeing one.
    Also the VIDEO hub (samsung) is saying it’s not compatible with my device?!? Tried going to Samsung & searching for the missing players & Video Hub but they aren’t there.

    Other things like the test audio track from Samsung which I assume came with that player is gone….
    Anyone know why or how to get those Samsung specific programs back ?

  10. Please help me! Mine just keeps looping to the Samsung label and when I press the power + volume left it just goes to the battery charging screen!

  11. so glad I found this page and I am not the only one…hate the upgrade used screan shot a lot and the clock is gone have to close everything to see the time. What a load of crap. Going to give this a try hope it works!

  12. I’m excited to say that this works! At first, Odin didn’t do anything but say that it had failed, but after downloading an older version (1.85), it worked like a charm. I’m very glad I tried to downgrade again after almost giving up.

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