block galaxy s4 OTA update

How to Disable and Block OTA Update on Rooted Samsung Galaxy S5

If you may only want to block and disable OTA update just to preserve your root on your Samsung Galaxy S5 then this guide will show you how. Every now and then when Samsung and your carrier provider sent you a new OTA updates you may afraid of losing your root. Even if you do so, ignore to install the OTA update it will keep bugging you hours after hours popping-up in the notification bar. On a rooted phone the OTA update couldn’t install itself as it will show a messages saying that  “Your device has been modified, no software update is available”.  Yet again,  sometimes the OTA update will forcefully installs itself without your knowledge as it depends on what root method did you use and how the new OTA update have been made or being patched to bypass your modification. Once installed your device will then restore back to the factory default settings. Your root access will gone for good and if you are tired enough to start all over again from scratch then you can simply disable or block OTA updates temporarily and install it later if you wish.

In addition, blocking any OTA updates on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a smart move. Every software updates brings important benefits onto the device, it resolves issues and it adds-up more improvements and enhancements for better performance. Samsung and some carrier providers nowadays has aimed to tightened up security on the latest Galaxy S5 software updates. These latest updates makes your phone safer, more secure, and ultimately doesn’t just prevent you from having root. Sometimes in new OTA update you can still root it though, but if it happens that you feel that it’s not been easier to find a working root method, just read on.

So if you want to disable OTA update anyway. Here are the guides on each specific Galaxy S5 variants;

block galaxy s4 OTA update

This method will work on all non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 variants.

How to block incoming OTA update notification on my Samsung Galaxy S5?
Long press on the notification, select app info, and disable notifications, that should stop notifications for updates.

Assuming that you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is now rooted or installed with stock rooted ROM.

How to Disable OTA updates on a Rooted Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 you can simply freeze the specific apps that will automatically run the OTA update.  If your Galaxy S5 has root then you will need to grab the Titanium Backup then by freezing them will eventually block the OTA update.

  • Run the ‘Titanium Backup’ app
  • Choose Backup/Restore option
  • Navigate to /system/app/

For the International Galaxy S5 SM-G900F or SM-G900H:
Locate and freeze the apps that starts with Software updates like Software Update 3.14Software Update 3.19… and so on.

For Verizon Galaxy S5 SM_G900V:

Disabling Security Update Notification –  In Titanium Backup look for the app “Security policy updates SPD_v2_1402_4_1” and freeze it
Disable verizon OTA update –  Using Titanium Backup look for “SDM 1.0” then freeze it.

For ATT Galaxy S5 SM-G900A:
In titanium Backup look for “ATT SOFTWARE UPDATE ”  within the application list and freeze it.

However,  this solution  will only work in a short-term basis, the update comes back to haunt you again after a certain period of time. There is an app called OTA Root keeper from Google Play Store that you should try to use.  It’s an app that temporarily remove and keep the root from your device once you apply any OTA updates and then simply re-root back again once the update has finished. Since my friend has been trying in vain to find a way to block OTA update, aside from rooting and flashing a custom ROM, then you will not receive an OTA in a long time.

Have you guys ever tried this? Just let may know if you have some suggestions to add about this method.

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