Designer Michael Bastian to fashion circular HP smartwatch to be launched this fall

Each manufacturer has its own way of capturing the market’s interest. In the case of HP, they chose to tailor their upcoming smartwatch with a fashionable air, made possible by retailer Gilt and designer Michael Bastian, to be at par with those of LG, Samsung, Sony and other competitors.

The said smartwatch, still not named, will feature compatibility with Android and iOS compatibility, making the user able to view emails, text messages, calls and manipulate music playback. It is reported to be enclosed with a 44mm steel case, while the bands will be shown in various styles of black rubber, brown leather, and olive green nylon. Also, a “limited edition” HP Michael Bastian watch is said to be covered with solid black, made to cater those who wants more exclusivity.


The price and battery information is yet to be announced at a later date as the HP smartwatch will be unveiled come fall. Be on the lookout for more updates and information.

Source: Gilt via Engadget

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