CyanogenMod and Oppo Partnership, New N1 Smartphone Arrive Soon

Steve Kondik founder and head developer of famous ROM the ‘CyanogenMod’  has posted a short video teaser showing a Oppo N1 smartphone. Oppo is one of the largest mobile phone manufactures based in China. The CyanogenMod’s head-chef has have told that he will going to visit Beijing just to attend Oppo event on September 23. The Android fanatics and hobbyist community has agreed that what Kondik are cooking right now is not a CM10 nightly build anymore, but instead it might be a strong partnership proposal between CyanogenMod and Oppo.

My question is why Oppo and not HTC? CyanogenMod has been there for a very long time now, and has been supported almost all brands of Android Smartphones. Some reports that I gathered around that Cyanogen has already taken a very long shot and did not get any deal from HTC. What made up into my mind when Oppo and CyanogenMod will team-up together, what would happen then next to other devices, including HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Google’s Nexus series and among other brands. Well, I guest there might be a possibility that they are going to stop cooking and/or supporting those devices if somehow Oppo will ask an exclusive-use of CyanogenMod ROM.

As for me, this would be the greatest breakthrough of the CyanogenMod team. But one more question, will a Oppo device runs with CyanogenMod would be the next big-hit smartphone in the market? What say you?

To learn more how this upcoming Oppo N1 may looks like, just make sure to hit the source link below.

Source:  Android Community

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